Upside-down Seems to Fit!

About five minutes to midnight. Was working like mad trying to get the gallery ready for next week’s opening. I’ll post some info and pics as the date nears (and it’s nearing). Came back to get this one in under the wire. And what a fun pic it is! It’s a bumble (I think it’s a golden bumble) on one of the bee-created (they pollinate and seed) sunflowers that wanders from year to year. One of my favorite flowers of the later season. This one really tickles me.

Been noticing on my photos that I really do violate one of the rules of photography – “don’t have the foreground out of focus”. Yet that seems to be a signature of mine. Not only is it hard not to do with bees, but I think it really adds to the effect of the photo – the art of it. In this one, the part of the flower on top of the photo is nearest…and out of focus. The part of the flower that’s farthest is there behind the bee…and the bee and the middle of the flower is in focus. And it’s a great effect. Can’t imagine this shot any other way. Ooh…two minutes… Publish!

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