Two in Flight…with Saddlebags!

This shot is from a neighbor’s trumpet vine. It grows up a power pole and someone keeps cutting it back (assuming it’s the power company). But trumpet vines are pretty hard to discourage. I don’t often remember to wander over there, but the trumpet vines are fantastic for pollinators and inadvertent pollinators – especially wasps. There are few plants on which I’ve seen a broader variety of wasps and hornets. That probably doesn’t recommend the vine to you, but… It really pulses with – teems with – life.

And this shot is just neat. Rare to get a good shot of a single bee in flight. Way rarer to get two. And rarer even still to get a good look at pollen baskets on two. This one just tickles me in spite of the midday light on it.

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Author: TheBeeGuy

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