That Blossom is Smaller than a Dime

Apologies to the international audience. A dime is about 1.8cm. The bee is probably .5-.7cm. Tiny, tiny, tiny. Smaller than a grain of rice. Sweat bee, and super cute. And stupid fast. Very hard to capture in focus. And even hard to see sometimes. It’s often the movement that gives them away.

Happy new year! I’ve kind of got a rant building up in me with the new year so close. But I’ll boil it down to two words: take risks.

Just my .02. Whether you do is up to you. YMMV (and if we’re speaking International English here, I probably should say, “your kilometrege may vary”). Ha! Wishing you whatever elevates and edifies you!

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Author: TheBeeGuy

Just a guy with some cameras.

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