Still South on the Road

So another from earlier in the spring. Nice look at her wings as she’s leaving the crocus. The light is pretty lousy on this one, but I chose it to show the variety of rocks in the garden and the detritus from last season juxtaposed with the new green and new blossoms of this spring. Lots of one-off events in our lives. But the underlying tune is cycles. I’m reminded of that especially in the spring as annual cycles recommence. But there are other cycles that occur more frequently than even daily. And other cycles that are decades or centuries or even millenia long. And for the sake of perspective, if nothing else, we’d do well not only to recognize those cycles, but find our place in them. Identify where we, in our short four-score-ish time here on this ever-cycling earth find ourselves in these larger turns.

(Can the center hold? Is the gyre widening?)

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