Russian Sage Hat Trick?

Third day of the Russian Sage. But a Golden Bumble this time. Face and tongue. The depth of focus in this one is fun. For those of you who haven’t spent much time with the camera (or those who use the auto settings on phone or camera), it’s possible to control how much of the shot is in focus. And if you’ve seen more than a few of the bees that I post, you’ll know that I really enjoy shooting with a shallow depth of focus – in this case, it’s really only her face and legs in focus. Imagine how this picture would be different (and much less interesting, in my opinion), if the entire flower were in focus – if even the stalks in the background were. It would be pretty messy and your eye wouldn’t be drawn to the subject nearly as much. Anyway, when you’re looking at (and taking) photographs, pay attention to the depth. It’s part of what makes the art of photography truly art.

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