Neat on an Agastache

Shot this a few days ago. Have a piece of glass that I reclaimed from an old, broken scanner (the platten) and built a frame for it out of poplar. Been looking for a shot that matched the dimensions well for a crop and came up with this.

It’s a little unconventional as far as composition goes, but I think it works for the shot and the glass/frame. The agastache is fading now…and I’ve been checking every day for bees. Really wanted a shot on it and I think I got a few good ones. Enjoy today’s!

Also, I’ll be in Fort Collins this weekend with this piece and many others. Printed a bunch of stuff as large as 40×60 and some of it is just stunning. Check out Art in the Square if you’re in the area – Civic Center Park – 225 LaPorte Ave, Fort Collins.

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Author: TheBeeGuy

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