Moving Between Daisies

I’m pretty sure that these are daisies. I do know that’s a sweat bee. And a gorgeous one at that. And I’ll apologize again for being a terrible taxonomist and a fairly unreliable source of information. Seems that if I run a site like this, you ought to be able to rely on my identification of both the flowers and the bees. But, sadly, this isn’t the case always. And for someone who respects precision as much as I, it seems antithetical.

I’ve made peace with that trouble, though, in my own way. And that is: for me, this site is about posting a new picture of a bee each day. And on some days, even posting bees and flowers as art. Everything else is secondary and beyond. I’ve got so much on my plate otherwise, that to take a deep dive into taxonomy is beyond the scope of my resources. Or I choose to do other things, thereby making it beyond the scope. But shooting and posting neat pictures doesn’t seem to be. So…you get what you get. And I really do hope you enjoy what you do get here. I know I’ve enjoyed the initiative…coming up on two years now.

Also – Merry Christmas!

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