Feeling Stubborn or Grumpy or Something this Morning – On the Agastache

Went out for a bit this morning to shoot before the sun crested the mountain to the east. We’re right on the foothills, so it happens relatively late here. Some mornings, the light is just fantastic. Others…not so much. This was a not so much morning. And then the wind…blowing very hard and randomly. Everything was flapping around. Even the stuff near the ground.

There was one bee trying so hard to get on to an agastache. She’d try and try…catch sometimes…be blown away others… She’d come back and finally get something done. Lots of persistence in that one. I was frustrated in my own way. Even when she finally got purchase, the whole plant would flap around. Didn’t get many/any good shots. But…because both she and I seem stubborn, something good happened. Or something workmanlike, anyway, almost.

It’s a bit of a blurry shot, but…I’m gonna post something from that quick, windy session. So there…

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