Blurring Wings on the Salvia

Been working so hard on this renovation that I don’t have time to do much of anything. And when I do have a moment or two, seems I’ve already spent all of my energy on something else.

And getting a bee out every day has kind of been a chore for the last couple of weeks. Something that I need to do, but something I dread…because it does take some energy, and I have been putting it off until the end of the day.

And today was no different. Until it was. As I was selecting a shot for today, somehow I managed to re-remember to see the wonder and the beauty of the shots. This one is remarkable to me. Love the color of the flowers and the background. The shape of the bee…the wings in motion. That great face. The plates of exoskeleton protecting her. Just a magnificent tribute to nature all around. That split second hymn of gratitude in the shot. There’s really something there. To all of this. And this site…the few bees I post each week/month/year…just the tiniest slice of the smallest fraction of the grandeur. Find some in this one. Today. It’s there.

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Author: TheBeeGuy

Just a guy with some cameras.

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