A Bit Different 1/5

On almost every day that I’m able to shoot bees, I end up with more than one hundred or so possibilities that I think might be worthy to post on this site (usually a good deal more). Assuming that I can shoot eight months out of the year, that means (conservatively) that I end up with 24,000+ “extra” shots that I could post but don’t. (And, sadly, I don’t always take the time to look for the “best” shot, either. It’s often a “welp, no time – this one will do” sort of thing.)

So… Today I decided to post 25 out of the 208 that I identified as “worthy “. I’ll do it in chunks of five. So I’m only not showing you 88 percent of today’s output…which is a far sight better than the 99+ percent of other days.

It’s a silly problem. And a good one to have. And the purpose of the site is a “daily bee”.

The selection process was completely random in that I put all 208 “worthy” shots in a folder, used a program to rename each file randomly (adding a 4-digit random number at the beginning of the filename) and then taking the first 25 numerically (lowest numbers first). I did that to both save time and to maybe give a more representative view of what I’m seeing – something you might not get if I selected them myself.

On a different note, you’re going to be seeing (in the 25 shots below) just a bit more than one hundredth of one second (.0125) of the wonder of creation. Ponder that for a while. And realize how big and beautiful and remarkable creation really is.


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