Rare Shot at 100% – on a Hyacinth

I haven’t done this often, but here’s a shot at 100pct. I kept zooming in on it to crop it…and ended up here. Specifically I love the wing in motion, the claws on the flower’s petal, and the pollen on the left side that’s flying around. She’s almost landed and this is what that looks like.

About the flower that you really can’t see: it’s called Hyacinthoides hispanica, – Spanish bluebell or wood hyacinth. It’s native to Spain, Portugal and northwest Africa. And it’s in lots of the gardens around here. Don’t know if I’ve gotten a bee on it yet.

I’ve also started doing something a little different – grabbing a color from the picture for the copyright lettering. Not sure if I like it, or prefer the consistency of the shadowed gray. Both are obnoxious, but necessary these days.

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