Tulipa Ancilla and Two Bees Sharing It

This is a really neat tulip. A bit of a shorty, but the bees (and wasps) really like it. It throws a lot of pollen, too. Makes for filthy bees. But it’s really pretty, especially on the inside (as you can see). Lots of depth of color there. Won’t be long before they’re in bloom.

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Bee 078 – Tiny One in a Tulip

Normally, I prefer shots that show the eye. Seems to us humans that if the eye is in focus, the pic is in focus. Not sure I want to try to explain, but it just is. But sometimes, you get what you get with the bees. Kind of a neat shot.

Two things to notice: First, beeneck. Tickles me every time I get that little bit of white. Seems so small, compared to the rest of the creature. Second, notice the focus on the pollen in the bottom of the shot. The pollen coats the entire inside, but is only in focus for 2-3mm in the shot. Fortunately, mostly in the plane that the be occupies. I’ve better examples of it, but again, it’s illustrative of the shallow, shallow focal plane.

This is a tiny tulip, btw. And a tiny bee.

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Beautiful Bee on a Beautiful Tulip – No Foolin’

Honeybee on a Tulip : Tulipa Greigii ‘Maria Christina’

This one’s a new favorite. Shot it this afternoon (I guess yesterday afternoon by the time you read this). Not much at all I don’t like about this shot. Her eye seems particularly neat in this one. And that dusting of pollen is so…cute, I guess is my word. Wish every shot I shoot made me feel like this one.

The tulip is: Tulipa Greigii ‘Maria Christina’

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Tulips are out – Bees are back!

I really don’t love this shot. Lots I like about it. But something seems off. But…the tulips are starting to open. It will be a couple of days before they’re really filthy…and the bees get covered. But rain is scheduled here. Hope to get a few shots of that. Tickles me when they bathe in it.

She’s happy in the tulip – and that matters.

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