The Trumpet Vines are On!

First time this year I wandered across the street to the trumpet vines. I’ve been remiss and was very aware of that. They’re just teeming with bees…and wasps. I think they’ve probably been going for three weeks and I’ve missed a lot of opportunities. They’re pretty aggressive plants, but neither I nor the bees mind, I don’t think. The bee’s a little obscured in this one, but I like the colors and composition…and the bee.

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Again…with the Trumpet Vine

Seems in my search for bees lately, the trumpet vine wants to get noticed. So another today. They grow mostly on the power poles around here and I have heard that it’s illegal (outlaw trumpet vines…who knew?). So when the power guys come around to do maintenance, they rip them out. But mostly, they’re one step ahead of the law – and come right back when they get caught. I think I’m digressing. Cute bee, though.

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Pollen-covered on the Trumpet Vine

Another from September of 2019. Tons and tons of great wasps on this day, too. For some reason, the wasps really love the trumpet vine. All kinds of wasps, too – not only the paper wasps, but others, too. One of these days…

While the pollen basket isn’t in the plane of focus on this one, there’s plenty of pollen that is – including on her right eye. Fun shot. In other news, this particular trumpet vine was growing on a power pole. The utility guys removed it a bit ago. They grow fast, so I suspect it will be back sooner than later.

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Honeybee on a Trumpet Vine

This shot is from last September. Good detail of her face. The Trumpet Vine is a favorite of pollinators. Honeybees, native bees, and wasps of all kinds are attracted to it. Maybe I shouldn’t mention the wasps ;).

Our neighbor across the street has one and I look forward to it blooming every year. They probably think I’m nuts with my camera right on top of the bees and wasps, but it’s a beautiful vine…and is always so full of life in the late summer and through the fall.

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