Bee 045 – Sweat Bee on Something Gorgeous

I kinda mostly know what’s planted in our gardens – can figure it out – or ask. But this one comes from Red Butte Garden again. No idea what the flower is. But it’s really pretty. Love the yellow in the middle as it opens. And this one is another argument for larger shots here – have to get it figured out. The detail on the bee is amazing.

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Bee 040 – Metallic Green Sweat Bee on a Dahlia

This is one of my better shots of one of my favorite bees – on a wrecked Dahlia again. Love the eyes.

Shot a few of these yesterday, too – they’re so tiny – and busy. They don’t pose as well as some of the others. But I love this shot. You can really see the detail and the color.

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Maybe a Sweat Bee Lost in a Sunflower

This is one of the tiny, tiny ones. Not the smallest I’ve shot, but really tiny. You can see two of the three ocelli on the top of her head pretty clearly…and how filthy she’s gotten in the sunflower.

These are pretty quick – hard to shoot. And I seldom get a very clear shot. I’m pretty happy with this one, though. Cannot get over the complexity. And she’s showing us a bit of beeneck, too. That delights me.

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Sweat Bee on a Zinnia

Sweat Bee – Orange-legged Furrow Bee (Halictus rubicundus) – on a Zinnia

In what might be a taxonomic trainwreck, I’m going to tentatively call this one a Sweat Bee. More specifically, an Orange-legged Furrow Bee (Halictus rubicundus). And it’s on a zinnia.

If I cannot identify something (and you’re sure about what it is) – or if I’ve misidentified something and you can set me straight, please click on the Leave a Comment button there on the left side and tell me what you know.

I may have sneaked over to the neighbor’s yard for this shot.

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