Another on the Partridge Feather

Teeny, teeny sweat bee on the partridge feather. It’s a neat plant itself. Low to the ground, but it does something with its leaves or “feathers” that makes it look like there is dew or crystals on it throughout the day. Neat ground cover that isn’t very thirsty. Not my favorite because it only blooms once and I don’t see many bees on it. But that’s not the only criterion for putting it in the garden.

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Tiny Sweat Bee on a Penstemmon

Most of the time when I shoot on penstemmons, I get bumblebeebutt. But (ha!) here’s a fun shot of a little black sweat bee (I’m really not sure about that at all, btw…I’m really bad at IDs) and some neat depth on the penstemmon blossoms.

Note the three eyes on the top of her head (occeli) as well as her little toes hanging onto the flower. Fun shot and great bee.

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Little Sweat Bee in the Partridge Feather

This plant kind of bugs me. There are bees on it sometimes, but not all that often. Usually when I see movement on it, I get excited and hopeful – only to find a hoverfly or two. Not that there’s anything wrong with those critters (well, there is – these particular ones eat the daffodil bulbs), but I prefer to shoot bees.

But now and then, I’ll get a good shot on it. Good looking sweat bee.

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Metallic Green on a Sunflower

Pre-sunrise (before it crested the mountain) shot of a metallic green sweat bee getting ready to leave a sunflower. Love their eyes. And the green with the neat reds and yellows of the sunflower. So amazing and complex. And this one was just covered with pollen, too – though you cannot see it in this particular shot.

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First Cone Flower Post of the Season

Got a great bumble on the echinacea a couple of days ago, but my computer crashed while I was going through the folders and I’ve not been back to them. Ugh. Dumb. But…this morning, I found this little metallic green one hard at work. And because I like to post current stuff as and when I can, here’s today’s. I chose a profile shot so you can see the pantaloons or saddlebags or just plain pollenfilth. Great legs on this gal. Anyway… Love both. The bee and the flower. Summer must be in full swing!

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