Brown-belted Bumble on a Sunflower

This is the whole shot. No cropping. Like the focus on the eye and face. The foreground and background out of focus can be a little tough on some of my shots. There’s a “rule” in photography that the foreground out of focus distracts. Maybe it does. But with bees, and so much of life, keeping the focus in the right spot seems key. Irrespective of whatever else is going on around – both fore and back. And the sunflower doesn’t seem to mind.

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Give Thanks!

Great native on a sunflower today. Longhorn bee. That eye just gets me. And that left antenna (vs the right) really shows how razor-fine the plane of focus is on these shots (as if you need to be reminded).

Diversion here – skip this noise if you’d like:

I’m not a fan of holidays, really. This is because I think that setting aside a single day for gratitude or generosity or celebrating a person or remembering those who have passed (those just as examples – there are many more) really isn’t enough. All of those things are good things. And there’s probably nothing wrong with an annual fixed focus on those things.

I think what I’m trying to say is not so much a dig on the single-day, hard focus, but rather that I’d hope that these things would be habits in us – have become (or are becoming) innate. That we’d not need a day to honor our mothers, for example, but that would be part of who we are and how we behave – every day.

Be grateful every day and give thanks. Call your mom on a random Thursday if she’s still around. Give a gift randomly just because you’re generous – and you know it’s something the recipient will never acquire for himself. Send a “just because” card in addition to the annual birthday card.

That was kind of a loose rant. Maybe I’m saying that the reasons for the holidays we celebrate are generally good reasons. And I’d hope that these reasons are something that we can all internalize and integrate and reflect every day. And I’m looking at myself first.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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Sunflower Twofer

Sort of. If you count the jagged ambush bug as an incidental pollinator. And that’s probably acceptable.

I have a few observations:
It’s so hazy because of the fires here in the West that for most of the day I cannot even see my shadow.
’tis the season for brown-belted bumble drones. They’re everywhere
It’s very, very hot. And dry. Been weeks since any precipitation.
The asters are starting – watch out.

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Bumble on Sunflower Rereredux

Not sure how many re-s to add to that word. But ’tis the season (of bumbles on sunflowers). Lots sleeping in the morning…or being really, really inactive. But the light’s so low and there’s always a light breeze so shooting them is tough. That said, it’s a strange year for sunflowers – most have gotten really, really tall – some more than twelve feet. Also seem to be losing the red on the petals from year to year – only a couple with that coloring this year.

I really like the pollen on the face on this one – and the few specks on the eye. Also the shadow is neat.

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Doublebumble on a Sunflower

Got this one yesterday. Interesting light all through the day – or at least when I was shooting. Would have liked to post the whole flower, but the light in the upper-right corner was stupid-bright and really blown out. This is a neat shot, though. Multiples are always fun. Looking at the title, I’m wondering about an entomologist’s bad parody of Macbeth? Don’t know if all of my synapses are firing yet.

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