Sunflower Twofer

Sort of. If you count the jagged ambush bug as an incidental pollinator. And that’s probably acceptable.

I have a few observations:
It’s so hazy because of the fires here in the West that for most of the day I cannot even see my shadow.
’tis the season for brown-belted bumble drones. They’re everywhere
It’s very, very hot. And dry. Been weeks since any precipitation.
The asters are starting – watch out.

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Bumble on Sunflower Rereredux

Not sure how many re-s to add to that word. But ’tis the season (of bumbles on sunflowers). Lots sleeping in the morning…or being really, really inactive. But the light’s so low and there’s always a light breeze so shooting them is tough. That said, it’s a strange year for sunflowers – most have gotten really, really tall – some more than twelve feet. Also seem to be losing the red on the petals from year to year – only a couple with that coloring this year.

I really like the pollen on the face on this one – and the few specks on the eye. Also the shadow is neat.

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Doublebumble on a Sunflower

Got this one yesterday. Interesting light all through the day – or at least when I was shooting. Would have liked to post the whole flower, but the light in the upper-right corner was stupid-bright and really blown out. This is a neat shot, though. Multiples are always fun. Looking at the title, I’m wondering about an entomologist’s bad parody of Macbeth? Don’t know if all of my synapses are firing yet.

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Another on the Sunflower

Are you sensing a theme? If not, you’re not paying attention. It is: whatever is in bloom at the moment.

Winter will be more random, I’m sure. And probably pretty aster-heavy again. But here’s an upside-down native on a sunflower. Love the eye. And the mustache. Interesting look at the bee and the flower for sure.

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Archetypal Bumble Sunflower Shot

The bees are in the sunflowers full force right now. This shot is from yesterday. Only had about ten minutes to shoot. Trying to prepare for the Loveland Colorado art show.

Makes me a little wistful…summer isn’t quite waning yet, but the sunflowers doing there thing is a sign that things will start winding down sooner than later. And such weird variants of sunflowers this year. Some are easily twelve feet tall – maybe even fifteen. Makes it tough to shoot bees on them. This one was at about eye-level, though.

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Experimental Sunflower

Shot this one yesterday late in the day. The light is weird and the bee is in shadows. But…I think it’s kind of interesting. I especially like the way the green blurs into the yellow.

Been thinking about bees as art lots. Obviously. And thinking that while the close-ups are fantastic as a rule – that it also might be nice to have bees as elements rather than the key to the shot. Anyway…

This is what you get for today. Looked pretty interesting printed.

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Honeybee in Golden Light

Like the way this one just glows. Shot in the late afternoon with interesting light…and then that yellow cast from the sunflower just makes the bee glow. Was really taken by the effect when it came off the card. And the sunflowers remind me of my grandmother. Neat to let my mind wander back to such wonderful places.

Been waiting for the sunflowers to fire up. They portend the back end of Summer – which is sad. But the bees are so drawn to them. Often, bumbles and longhorns and others will sleep in them overnight. Found two longhorns nestled in together on the side of one early yesterday. Shame the wind was blowing and the light was so bad. Bee hostel, I guess.

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OT 030 – Bumble the Blue Sky

I read an article once arguing that cameras are inherently racist. While I won’t speak to that, it sure is hard to get the center of the sunflower to pop without blowing out the sky and the petals. That said, it’s a pretty iconic shot for Summer at this place. The bumble is a Brown-belted.

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