Bonus: Jumping on a ‘mum

Cute little jumping spider on a chrysanthemum. If you look close, you can see some ‘mum pollen on a strand of spider web – there just to the left of the spider. These critters fascinate me. As I was shooting (and I only had a few seconds before the spider got nervous), three bees landed on the flower, must have noticed the spider, and skedaddled. (Never knew how that word was spelled, but spell check did.)

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Bee 029 – Stuck in a Web

This one was really, really stuck and I was expecting a spider to appear and grab her. She struggled and struggled and finally freed herself. Was really interesting to watch her progress. I don’t know if I’d have intervened eventually. Maybe. But the spiders are pretty important in the garden, too.

Wish they’d spend all their time catching those flies that wreck the daffodils.

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