Upside down on the Sedum

This sedum didn’t stay in bloom this year for as long as I thought/remembered. Might be my leaky brain, or it might have fired fast. Don’t know. Great plant for bees, though. They love it. Often four or five (generally out of focus) in the same frame. Looks neat after it’s done blooming, too. Retains its shape. Great plant for bees.

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Very Late Bee from Yesterday

Brutal day. Power went out at about 3:30 a.m. as I was preparing to post today’s bee. It’s on now, but I’m not sure if I trust it. Have the network and computer on a generator right now trying to get this up. And pre-load tomorrows. The weather folks say we had 100mph gusts here. Spent the afternoon get rid of a 60′ downed tree (with other neighbors’ help – very cool thing). So…sorry to be late on today’s bee.

She’s a beaut…older, but gorgeous. Look at her tattered wings and how she’s lost her hair on her back. But a cute neck and face and you can see one of the eyes very clearly on the top of her head. Hope you think she’s as special and tough as I do.

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Twofer (almost) – on the Angelina (Sedum)

One of my very, very favorite plants in the garden. A ground cover – Sedum Angelina (I think). Neat little succulent that starts yellow, but ends up with pinks, reds, greens, etc.

One of the reasons it’s so great is that it’s really aggressive – truly covers the ground. But aggressive isn’t always a good thing if you can’t get rid of whatever it is that’s aggressive – if you need to. But the Angelina is really easy to “weed” – to keep in check. Comes out really easily (for transplanting, I’d hope – giving to neighbors – whatever) and isn’t at all obnoxious that way. Blooms once a year and the pollinators seem to like it. The blossoms are so small that the bees don’t stick around long so it’s tough to get a shot, but…

Anyway, fantastic plant. Pretty, aggressive, yet manageable. Get it.

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