Bee 011 – Yellow Bumble on a Salvia

I know this salvia has a name. Maybe I can figure it out later. Trying like mad to get these shots posted (may have to resume in the morning).

And yes, that bee really was that yellow. Not an artifact of editing screwupery. Was really taken by its color. I think there a couple more of this bee later on in this saga.

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Bumble with Salvias (I think)

Nice profile of a big bee. The salvia on the right is in front of the bee…and that’s supposed to be bad form, photographically. So indulge me and pretend that it’s behind the bee. Neat shot otherwise.

One of the things that impresses me is the variation in size. Was just now looking through a folder that had shots of a native not much bigger than a grain of rice. I’ll bet 100+ of them could fit in this bumble. It’s kind of fun to watch what the really gracile flowers/stems do with the weight of the bees. Some of these larger bumbles will pull things like the fame flower all the way to the ground. Digressing again.

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Bumble on a Different Salvia

Bumble on a Salvia

This is a really neat shot of a bumble (not sure of the variety) on a salvia that’s different from yesterday. This particular salvia seems to attract a wide variety of bees and other pollinators. Butterflies are particularly fond of it. I’m a little frustrated not knowing which cultivar it is. Check back and maybe I’ll edit this post if I’m able to figure it out. But the picture – this is the orientation of the original shot. But… A quick flip 90 degrees clockwise and you get this:

Same but Spun 90 Degrees

I almost like this orientation better. When printed, I tend to want to hang it this way. The crop might need just a bit more picture on the right for better composition, but it’s the orientation that I’m looking at. I think I could go with either. Artistic license, right?

What do you think?

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