In Flight and in the Wind

Really windy yesterday while I was trying to shoot. So I didn’t spend much time with it. Caught this one in flight, though. Everything seems to be fading. Still 70 degrees, though, today (I hope). So another day, at least, of warmish weather.

Next weekend (Fri-Sun), I’ll be in Centennial, Colorado at the Holiday Art Market. Stop by if you are in the area to see some of these critters in better detail. Neat art.

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Hangin’ on the Salvia

One of those that keeps on going all through the summer and into the fall. Pretty drought tolerant, too. Just hearty. Love the different shades that show up on them, too. Blues to pinks to purples and everything in between. This one looks like she’s saluting. Also get a good look at the hairs on her back leg used for storing pollen. If she’s got hairy back legs, she’s a bee (called a pollen basket – or corbicula). Good way to differentiate between bees and wasps.

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A Bit Backlit on the Salvia

Been shooting in the late afternoon some this week trying to get some backlit shots in which the body transluces. Not having the best of success and that effect really didn’t come off on this one – but it’s a nice shot in its own right. I especially like the detail on the eye and the tongue.

The salvia is fading now…getting late in the season. Thinking hard about year-round bees. Maybe a trip to the almond orchards in the winter to visit?

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Late Season Salvia

Such a super little one on a super flower. This one just keeps going. Which one – the bee or the flower? Seems both. Was shooting at an odd angle, some into the sun – so her body is translucing. Great tongue, wing, eye, antennae, face…and the salvia is gorgeous, too. Even the background’s fun in this one. Love the purples in it. The beauty in nature thrills me.

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Honeybee Wings on the Salvia

I like the look on the wings on this shot. Generally, I post profiles, but I thought that this one came out nicely – showing a different shape. A view I don’t generally shoot.

If you’re near Avon, Colorado this weekend, stop by the art festival and see how some of these shots look when they’re printed. Look forward to meeting you.

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Back to Yesterday’s Salvia

This time a pretty dirty honeybee. She didn’t get the pollen from the salvia, though. All over her back and wings.

The salvias are so neat. There are so many varieties – they can bloom from late Spring until the hard Fall frost. Seems like when one is fading, another is starting. They seed all over the place and are very creative with hybridizing with the bees’ help.

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Bumble in Context – in Flight

Normally I get a little closer when I post these shots. But this one from yesterday… Liked the background. The context. The movement. Even the messy shapes. And that salvia…blooming all summer long in one form or another. Yesterday there were four different bumbles (sizes, species) moving from blossom to blossom.

Hmmmm…just thinking what you experience with these shots vs. what I do as I’m taking them. You see that 1/1000th of a second every day. Often works pretty well. But like this one – I saw four little ones circling and moving and buzzing and busy…looking for that split second. Not sure I’m explaining well because the idea in my mind is as fuzzy as the bumble… Whatever the case – joy in movement and light and color and life. That’s not only enough, but the entirety. Guess it worked.

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Bumble in the Salvia

Love the color of the flower in this one – and how she’s attached to more than one blossom. But I especially love the pollen – all over her back and top of her head. And the pollen buckets. Not entirely laden, but neat to see.

This one just started blooming not long ago. It’s a little less flappy in the wind than the Russian Sage, but not by much. Sometimes it just throbs and hums with bees of all sorts…late afternoon, usually. Great one for the pollinators.

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