Digger Bee on the Salvia

Much of the salvia has gone the way of others that throw seeds everywhere. That is to say, on to the lawn to be mulched when mowed. That actually is working out pretty well. Strange shortcut.

But…only a few salvias around anymore. Great colors in this one. Something really nice about the magenta and green. Maybe a little dark.

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Really Great Digger Bee on a Salvia

I had fun with this one yesterday late in the day. It clearly wasn’t…but it appeared to be posing for me. Was always showing its side…stayed on flower stalks near to me and in pretty good light (instead of the shadows)…even seemed to look at me from time to time. Maybe vamping a little. Tickled me, whateverthecase. Here’s one of the fun shots. Such super resolution on the eye…and two of the three eyes (occeli) on the top of her head. I’m going to print this one out for the print binds. Very neat bee!

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Salvia all Summer!

Like going back to the well for more…and all summer long! The pollen on her face is fantastic. And the background is so much fun in this pic.

Traveling back from the festival in Colorado today. Hope I arrive before the bees turn in for the night. I know I’ll have missed shooting for those days on the road. Often say that I couldn’t pay for therapy that the bees and camera give me. So settling to my soul. Look at the little one on that flower…in that garden…I’m sure the idea will resonate with you.

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Quick Visit to the Salvia

Trying like mad to prepare a show in the Denver area that starts on Saturday (detials tomorrow). So quick hit on the salvia (from yesterday). Yes, she’s cute. Yes, the color is fantastic…and soothing. And yes, I’ve got no time to even breathe…much. Wish I were as organized as these little ones…

Oh, and another good in flight grab. Really enjoy getting those!

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First Salvia Pic of the Spring

Some good beeneck in this one. And the salvia’s started. Another well to go to – they’re always full of bees. Great plant. They kind of morph from year to year as they seed. You can see a more magenta one there in the background on the right side of the pic. One of the things I like about them as they seed and wander about.

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Golden Bumble (Pollenbottom) on a Salvia

I really want to say pollenbutt. But that might be uncouth. Dang. Guess standards are changing. Pollenabdomen? Just doesn’t have the same ring. Have a look at the tongue. You can see its split. And that pollen all over the place. Came from a different flower – not the salvia.

Look for fresh pics tomorrow. Had to get into September last for the past few days because the weather’s been so bad – and I’ve been on the road.

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Fatality in the Salvias

This is a great photo, but it’s pretty disturbing. This Hunt’s bumble got ambushed by an ambush bug and it’s going to work on dinner now. I see this several times a year…the outcome I mean. And often see the ambush bugs hunting in the gardens. Circle of life and all that, I guess, but I’m cheering for the bees to get away.

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