Fatality in the Salvias

This is a great photo, but it’s pretty disturbing. This Hunt’s bumble got ambushed by an ambush bug and it’s going to work on dinner now. I see this several times a year…the outcome I mean. And often see the ambush bugs hunting in the gardens. Circle of life and all that, I guess, but I’m cheering for the bees to get away.

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Does this Pollen Make My Abdomen Look Fat?

A rare one without the bee’s eye for today. But the pollen was just so neat there on the black of the bumble. I think she’d gotten into a Rose of Sharon just before (proximal to the salvia that she’s on) – or it might have been a Wine Cup. Dunno. But she’s filthy…and cute.

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On the Blue Salvia

Mind kind of blank this morning. But I like the shapes in this one. From the iris leaves to the seedheads of something – to the bee and salvia working together to do what they do.

One of my personal mantras is that life is a process, not an event (or, really, a series of only tangentially related events…if that makes any sense). But every day I post the merest fraction of a second. Add up all the posts of the last week and it’s barely over 1/100th of a second. Extrapolating the math over the course of a year and I will have only shown you not even seven tenths of a second’s worth of bees. And that almost seems unfair to the bee and the flower and all else. And of course it is how pictures work – and it is the only way to to see the detail. I get that. But sometimes focusing too much on detail distracts. Think process some, too.

Wow. Didn’t mean to go there. Maybe I was better off with a blank mind 😉

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Gorgeous Honeybee on the Salvia

I wish I liked all the pics I post here as well as I like this one. So many neat elements. I’ve seen so so many on salvias, but this one shows so well how she goes after it with her tongue. Great eye, too. And face.

Strikes me as I type how complex the bee is – then the hive – then the ecosystem is in which they operate. Such balance and equilibrium – and always self-correcting. Nudges here and there, maintaing balance. Could all be a bunch of yammering and confirmation bias about what I need to see in my own world right now…but there are lessons in observing (and thinking about) bees.

Or, as the Bard said:
…  tongues in trees, books in the running brooks,
Sermons in stones, and good in everything…

As I like it!

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September Salvia

Neat composition on this one and I am so taken by how they get into the salvias. Seems that part (is it the stamen or pistil?) often comes up over her face.

Pretty cold here. Looks like only the ‘mums and the fall crocuses were the only ones who survived that hard freeze. Saw a hoverfly on the ‘mums yesterday, but didn’t have my camera. I’ll have a look this afternoon. Stinks to not have anything to shoot…

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