Another Day, Another Salvia Shot

Saw some bees out today about noon. Got distracted trying to catch up on things and didn’t get out for a couple of hours. Was warmer, by a degree or two, but cloudy. And they’d all gone in or elsewhere. So today you get another great salvia shot from last week. Maybe some new stuff tomorrow. Not many more days of “new stuff” left this season, sadly. Hoping for a few more. I’ve not shot enough this summer… Fantastic profile on this one. Pretty girl.

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Fun One on the Salvia

I don’t do many vertical shots, but this is what the picture wanted. Two things to notice on this one: First, the pollen on the back is from another flower – those big grains. I’m not sure which one, but it’s surely not the salvia. That tickles me some. Second, she’s an older bee. The workers live about six weeks after they take the job of gathering pollen/nectar (they work in the hive for a bit before that). A couple of ways that you can tell that they’re older are that the hair gets rubbed off the thorax…and the wings start to wear out. This little one is showing signs of both. But she’s still super cute. I like the shot. Shot today, btw.

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In-flight toward the Salvia

Wonderful tongue…and a bit of a wing blur. I probably should have done a broader crop to show more of the flower and gardens. But the bee is so cute…and neat.

Haven’t shot bees for a good while. Almost a week. Missed yesterday because…stuff. Was thrilled to get ten or so minutes today. So enjoy this one. Hoping for more tomorrow.

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Seems Idyllic to Me

Not much to say about this one. You’ve probably noticed by now that I have a thing for depth of focus. This shot just seems so serene. So much like what I’d imagine one of my good shots would look like. Maybe even how I think I see the bees and flowers. I’m not explaining this well. But this one speaks to me.

For those of you keeping score at home, that’s a honeybee on a salvia.

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