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This time a pretty dirty honeybee. She didn’t get the pollen from the salvia, though. All over her back and wings.

The salvias are so neat. There are so many varieties – they can bloom from late Spring until the hard Fall frost. Seems like when one is fading, another is starting. They seed all over the place and are very creative with hybridizing with the bees’ help.

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Bumble in Context – in Flight

Normally I get a little closer when I post these shots. But this one from yesterday… Liked the background. The context. The movement. Even the messy shapes. And that salvia…blooming all summer long in one form or another. Yesterday there were four different bumbles (sizes, species) moving from blossom to blossom.

Hmmmm…just thinking what you experience with these shots vs. what I do as I’m taking them. You see that 1/1000th of a second every day. Often works pretty well. But like this one – I saw four little ones circling and moving and buzzing and busy…looking for that split second. Not sure I’m explaining well because the idea in my mind is as fuzzy as the bumble… Whatever the case – joy in movement and light and color and life. That’s not only enough, but the entirety. Guess it worked.

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Bumble in the Salvia

Love the color of the flower in this one – and how she’s attached to more than one blossom. But I especially love the pollen – all over her back and top of her head. And the pollen buckets. Not entirely laden, but neat to see.

This one just started blooming not long ago. It’s a little less flappy in the wind than the Russian Sage, but not by much. Sometimes it just throbs and hums with bees of all sorts…late afternoon, usually. Great one for the pollinators.

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Bonus – Wrecked Butterfly :(

I think this is a Painted Lady. It’s really a terrible picture (light, background, composition, etc.), but there’s so much to be said for carrying on. No choice, really, until it becomes impossible. Still not yet impossible for this one…and I really like that. My site, my likes. Hope you take something from it, too.

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Bumble through the Salvia

This one is admittedly a messy shot. The background is busy, the bee is partially obscured, and there’s just a whole lot going on in general.

But…it grabbed me. And it’s a good example of the marvelous order and disorder of the garden…and the world.

Apart from a good in-flight grab, I like the pollen bucket, the pollen on her face, and especially the tongue. If you look closely, you can see that it’s split at the end. The dangling legs are neat, too. Bumbles are kinda tough to shoot because darker colors (black in this case) – especially on the face and belly – are hard to get right with light and detail.

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Two – and Almost in Focus

Two honeybees on or near the Salvia. Very close to nailing the focus on both. I’ve mentioned before the variation in the color of the honeybees – note that one is the golden that you’d expect while the other is more grey. That’s not a trick of light, but really the color. I suspect that they come from different hives, but I’m not sure. Seems the ones in the three hives here are quite uniform in color – that golden you see in the top bee.

The other thing is that these little ones can be outright rude to each other. Sometimes they’ll share a blossom – and others, they’ll knock the one off to take the pollen – even those of the same species. Anyway…

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Honeybee – Between the Clouds

Dark and cloudy and rainy yesterday. Shot this one during that brief bit of time that light was okay yesterday. Seems pink and green are a theme here lately. Like the pollen on her face and eye…and the thyme in the background works pretty well (though you’d never know it was thyme).

Only forty degrees here right now with a projected high of 58…which is a sharp contrast to the 105 of a few days ago. Spring in the Rockies, I guess 😉

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Wild Salvias

Not necessarily wild as in wildflowers – but bee-created. More at the background is pretty wild.

When putting this one together, it occurred to me that I’ve focused so much on the bees themselves in my posting that I’ve kind of lost the thread of bees as an element of the photograph. Might try some different crops for a while here rather than going full bee every time. Could lead to more integral pictures. We’ll see…

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