Longhorn on the Russian Sage

This is a super-neat picture. Love the eye and the antennae spread like that. One of my favorites of the year.

In other news, I got to shoot accidentally yesterday. I went to Harbor Freight but arrived before it opened. On the sidewalk in front of the store, a little merlin (falcon – larger than a kestrel but smaller than a peregrine) had taken down a pigeon and was busy disassembling it. Good luck that I had a camera in the car, but it had a 100mm (bee) lens on it. She let me get within about six feet of her as she fed (moved incrementally) and I got some neat shots. Well, if dinnertime for a falcon is neat (and it is). Felt good to click again after some fallow time.

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Hunt’s in Flight with Strange Light

This one sort of speaks for itself. It’s a great shot of the bee either approaching or departing. Look at that tongue! And just about everything else… Sometime I get lucky. The light, though, is fairly wonky. The bee isn’t.

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Hunt’s Bumble on the Russian Sage

Still too cold for bees…and might not warm up again. So here’s a sweet shot from earlier this summer of a Bombus Huntii on the russian sage. The colors in this one are neat…as is the bee itself. Been a few days since I posted a bumble.

Have been kind of dreading this transition…from fresh shots to ones from the summer. That said, there are thousands and thousands to choose from just from this year alone. So it’s more about how I feel with the summer ending rather than needing content. Enjoy.

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Continuing the Russian Sage Theme

Quick hits for the next few days because I should have been out the door two hours ago. Be back soon…

“Dance with the girl who brung ya…” Not sure where that came from, but I think it applies, somewhat, to the Russian sage. Keeps showing up at the dance…and its dance card is full of bees. Dang, I might be dating myself (as it were). Or dating the literature that I read, anyway. Ha. Might be a little punchy, too.

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Another Dip in the Russian Sage Well

This weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be in Cherry Creek, Colorado at the Fillmore Plaza with my art. Lots of stuff including the bees – and other bits of nature. Come have a look. Quick hits for the next few days because I should have been out the door two hours ago.

The composition and color of this one is pretty neat. Not all that much more to say about it except I sure love this plant. SO persistent. And such a draw for nearly every kind of bee…and other pollinator. Plant some. Doesn’t take much water, either.

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A Pair of Soaked Bumbles

Back to the well…well, the Russian sage, at least. Shot this one several days ago and if I remember correctly, one of these two was asleep – while the other was actively working. I often get more than one bee (or other pollinator) in a picture, but it’s really rare to get focus on two. The background is a little busy, but so is the Russian sage. As are the bees. So it’s truth in documentation, I guess. Early morning light. Neat detail on these wet ones.

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