Fun Light – and on the Russian Sage…Again

This is the one that keeps on giving. Much like the asters later in the season. If there’s focus on the shot, it seems nearly impossible to take a bad picture. The glow on the bee is neat. Beating a dead horse lauding the Russian sage…plant a couple. Watch the bees congregate. And they’ll thank you for it (in their own way…if you pay attention).

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Early Morning Bumble

Our neighbors to the east put in a water-wise garden in their parking strip a couple of years ago. It looks fantastic. The four Russian Sages are magnets for bees and other pollinators. Plus, with access on both sides, they’re wonderful for photos, too. And the neighbors don’t seem to mind, at least overtly, the guy out there with a camera squatting and contorting, etc. Great neighbors for so many reasons.

Shot this one this morning about thirty minutes before the sun crested the mountains. Neat bee, plant, background, light, etc. Plus tongue, in flight… Just a fun one.

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Russian Sage: It’s what’s for Dinner

Makes me happy when this one starts to bloom. And it will be a good one until the first, good frost. Neat one in flight with the tongue out. A bit busy, but good fun. Great detail on the wings.

Festival near Breckenridge, Colorado – at Silverthorne. Come have a look if you’re nearby!

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In Flight in the Russian Sage

Woke up to snow on the ground today…with the wind still enthusiastic. A bit cooler than normal around here for this time of year. So much blooming now, too, that I (and the bees, it seems) miss for photos.

But…this is a fun one from last summer. That wing blur is neat. And it will warm eventually. Enjoy!

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Warm Summer Light on the Russian Sage

I was trying to select a good photo for this morning and had several candidates ready. They’ll show up over the next few days. Just went out to the car to go to the hardware store to get a part for an emergency repair. Was covered with ice so I decided to let the car warm up a bit – and do today’s bee while I waited. The dark and ice and cold and snow…

The light and warmth on this one are a nice counterpoint. Plus she’s so cute! Nice detail, too.

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What a Great Face on the Russian Sage!

I really like their faces. They still confuse me a little because they look so different from different angles. Neat one today, though. Good look at her face and wings. Tongue, too.

2020 has been a hell of a year. If you do anything at all this weekend, please be kind to those in your orbit. Remain mindful of others’ humanity as well as your own. Not a lot we can do about a lot of things, but we can control how we behave – how we treat people.

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Great Russian Sage

Oh, hey – today (through Sunday), I’ll be in Centennial Colorado at The Highlands Garden Center (8080 S Holly Street) from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. – with a whole bunch of neat pictures of bees, birds, flowers, etc.

I love this shot. So often the foreground will be out of focus somewhere or another. But in this one, everything seems to be in the same plane. Fun composition, too. And the tongue – cannot get enough of that!

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Bonus! – Jumping Spider in the Russian Sage

I’ve sure been delinquent in posting these “bonus” shots of other pollinators (or inadvertent pollinators – in this case). Oh, well. Maybe I’ll be less harried in the colder months. Or not…

Enjoy this one. It’s fun to watch them hunt…and jump at other critters.

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