Thematic, again – Russian Sage

Here’s a little one in-flight. Lower light so you can barely see the blur of her wings…if at all. Neat what the buds turn in to. So sorry to see them fade, but they’re at their height right now. Perfect, not-so-very-thirsty plant for pollinators. And it self-seeds. And can get a bit interesting after several generations – depending on what’s there for it to cross with. Those bees…

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Profile on a Russian Sage

A couple of years ago, the neighbors to the east of us redid their parking strip. In it, they planted four Russian Sages. It’s become one of my favorite places to shoot because they’re so easy to get to. In some of the deeper gardens in our yard, it’s tough to get in without squashing things… And the Russian Sage is just a magnet for pollinators. Sometimes they just throb and hum with life.

I like the simplicity of the shot. The light was kind of strange yesterday…and I was fiddling with the settings some. I like the result.

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Independence Day – In Flight

I’m more than a little disturbed that most of us are celebrating Independence Day this year in a manner that… I’ll shut up about it. The purpose of this site is to forget doom and really whatever else is going on in the world for a brief moment. Color and nature and industry and metaphor. That flash of joy. So…here’s one on the neighbors’ Russian Sage. Well, not really on it, but in it. Some days I don’t really notice that the wind is blowing any at all – until I try to shoot on/at/in a flappy flower. And this one is the poster child for that. Or at least one of them. Love them in flight!

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Overtime 033-050 – I give up!!

Getting late. Wanted to finish posting these. But it’s not going to happen today unless I do it this way. So I think the final tally will be: 150 bee shots, 10 or so bonus (quasi-) pollinator shots, and one beebaby iris shot.

Here are the rest of ’em:

Rude one on a Semp – those mandibles!!!! Stuff of nightmares?
Sweat Bee on a Hyacinth
And the Liatris…
Beeneck…and those eyes.
Oh, those pollen buckets!
Brown-belted on a Sunflower…again
Escaping the Tulip
The Cone Flower rides again…or maybe…it’s the one being ridden?
Not Quite the Last Aster
Great face on that huntii
Tiny, tiny, tiny one with two tulips.
The last of the sedums
Approaching the Liatris to reload
The last Russian Sage
The last Cone Flower
Hard to believe, but the last aster. It also occurs to me that everyone will be viewing this backward to how I posted it. So prepare yourself – many more asters to follow!
Fantastic Agastache
The last of the last of the last – from the third swarm (May 2020). Phew!!
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Overtime 001 – Ha!

So in my randomizing, I started out by pulling 200 shots – thinking that I’d get maybe 100 that I’d publish for today. And it’s true – I lost a good few. Some were flowers. Some were too dark to work with quickly. Even a couple I’d already posted. But…I ended up with some leftovers.

So…as I can for the rest of the day, I’ll try to get them up. Also shot a few this afternoon that I’d like to post – if only to have some fresh stuff in 100+ (emphasis on the plus) bee day.

Love, love, love this shot. That tongue. Plus the huntii is such a cool bumble. It’s on a Russian Sage.

Back in a bit to continue. Other responsibilities beckon…and I didn’t think posting what I have would take this long. Such fun, though. I love these little ones. They lift.

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