A Pair of Soaked Bumbles

Back to the well…well, the Russian sage, at least. Shot this one several days ago and if I remember correctly, one of these two was asleep – while the other was actively working. I often get more than one bee (or other pollinator) in a picture, but it’s really rare to get focus on two. The background is a little busy, but so is the Russian sage. As are the bees. So it’s truth in documentation, I guess. Early morning light. Neat detail on these wet ones.

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In the Pouring Rain

In the spirit (and more) of posting fresh pics when I’m not on the road, you get a weird and notsogood one today. For the past couple of days, it’s been raining like mad. I’m not complaining – we need it. But it really does cramp bee photography.

And other photography, too. Yesterday I went to the west desert thinking it would be cloudy/hazy – so I’d have some good light (and fewer shadows) on the horses. Got there about 3:00p.m. and the place was a wreck. So many roads washed out . Had to back up maybe more than a mile in total because several roads just stopped being roads in sections. And one valley…the one before the valley in which the horses winter…was full of water. Like a lake. Road went straight into it. Was amazing.

Anyway…I grabbed a camera and lens that are supposed to be water resistant and went out in the rain a few minutes ago. Found a bumble trying to sleep on a rain-flattened Russian Sage. Not much light, of course. The focus is pretty good even though it doesn’t look like it. But…part of the reason for this site is to document. So today – today I document a wet bee. Ha!

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Morning Light, Russian Sage, and Hunt’s Bumble

Lots going on in this picture, but there’s lots of continuity. Missing a festival in Ridgway, Colorado this weekend because of the stings. Feeling lousy about that.

But the bees remain… There’s something about this shot that gets me. Maybe it’s the directional thing of both the stalk and the bee. Know it has something to do with the background, too.

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Fun Light – and on the Russian Sage…Again

This is the one that keeps on giving. Much like the asters later in the season. If there’s focus on the shot, it seems nearly impossible to take a bad picture. The glow on the bee is neat. Beating a dead horse lauding the Russian sage…plant a couple. Watch the bees congregate. And they’ll thank you for it (in their own way…if you pay attention).

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Early Morning Bumble

Our neighbors to the east put in a water-wise garden in their parking strip a couple of years ago. It looks fantastic. The four Russian Sages are magnets for bees and other pollinators. Plus, with access on both sides, they’re wonderful for photos, too. And the neighbors don’t seem to mind, at least overtly, the guy out there with a camera squatting and contorting, etc. Great neighbors for so many reasons.

Shot this one this morning about thirty minutes before the sun crested the mountains. Neat bee, plant, background, light, etc. Plus tongue, in flight… Just a fun one.

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