A Bumble from Red Butte Garden

I’ll be on the road still today…so here’s one from last summer. Took it in August in the Red Butte Garden. It wasn’t a dark day at all, but the way the lens worked with the shadows gave it that effect.

They love the Cone Flowers. And a couple here are threatening to bloom soon. So expect some fresh shots on them before too long.

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Bee 076 – Bumble on an Agastachi…redux (tridux?)

Again from Red Butte. This one in full sun. Great face! They really seemed to enjoy those on that day. I think the flower is kind of ratty-looking, but as I’ve mentioned, what I value in a flower is very different from what they do. And I don’t mind meeting more on their side than mine.

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Bee 045 – Sweat Bee on Something Gorgeous

I kinda mostly know what’s planted in our gardens – can figure it out – or ask. But this one comes from Red Butte Garden again. No idea what the flower is. But it’s really pretty. Love the yellow in the middle as it opens. And this one is another argument for larger shots here – have to get it figured out. The detail on the bee is amazing.

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Bee 017 – Bombus fervidus on a Penstemmon

At least I think that’s what the bumble is. Just getting ready to take flight. The penstemmon is a fun one – the smaller bees just disappear for a while inside. The larger look like they’re holding on to their hat.

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Bee 014 – Another Bumble – Bombus huntii

Nearly midnight here and I need to stop. Will resume in the a.m. with the rest.

Another shot from Red Butte Garden. Wish I knew what the flower is. Great profile of a Bombus huntii. Beautiful bee. I like the kind of insubstantial background, too.

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