Bonus and Digression – Last of the ‘BeeBabies’

The fourth of four finally opened today – here it is. So…we had a pod of bee-bred iris seeds, planted them, and they flowered this year. They’re all from the same pod – siblings – yet are very different. The other three can be found here and here and here. Neat stuff. My favorite is the purple, but this one is plenty neat itself.

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Bonus AND Digression – Product of Pollination

So it’s clear that there’s no bee in this pic. BUT…this is the first bloom of a bee-created iris – so it’s their handiwork. I think it’s every bit as nice as its parents, and it has a great scent. It’s an early shorty (the tall beardeds just started opening up a day or so ago here) I’m thrilled with how it turned out. It’s a keeper.

Outcome and evidence of pollinators pollinating! And for that reason, I think it deserves a spot on the site. I think there are three others loaded up and ready to open – one of which should go today. I’ll post a pic of it when it does. Think it’s a sibling to this one.

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