Throwin’ the Catmint Pollen all Over!

This one is pretty neat because of the pollen she’s throwing all over. They seem to be good housekeepers in the hive, but all bets are off in the garden. They make a mess.

One thing to keep in mind about this picture and the dynamic stuff going on is the plane of focus. You probably remember discussions calling it “razor thin”. In this case, a slice of only about 1/8″ (3mm for those of you who speak metric) is in focus. So the pollen grains in front of and behind that slice you won’t even see – they blend into the foreground or background. In other words, we’re probably only seeing a very small fraction of the mess she’s making. Neat!

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Might be a First on the Site – a Bee at 100pct

This is a really close crop – at 100pct. Meaning that I cut the middle out of the picture and didn’t reduce the size of it to post it here. Which I have done with every other shot I’ve posted. Just wanted to share a look at the detail, unshrunk (and undamaged by the shrinking algorithms).

From yesterday, btw. Weather was uncooperative today.

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