Fun One on the Fleabane

Had a really good fleabane day in September – which is pretty rare. Normally, it’s the hoverflies on the fleabane. But that one day, there were bees all over it. So here’s a shot from that day. She’s got a pretty full pollen basket and I think it came from her work on the fleabane(s). They’re really tiny flowers, as you can see, and they don’t spend much time on each.

Was in the back yard for a bit yesterday. Made me sad to see the void where the three hives were. Already looking forward to Spring.

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Hangin’ on the Salvia

One of those that keeps on going all through the summer and into the fall. Pretty drought tolerant, too. Just hearty. Love the different shades that show up on them, too. Blues to pinks to purples and everything in between. This one looks like she’s saluting. Also get a good look at the hairs on her back leg used for storing pollen. If she’s got hairy back legs, she’s a bee (called a pollen basket – or corbicula). Good way to differentiate between bees and wasps.

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