Neighbor’s Snapdragons

I have a wonderful neighbor who lives across the street from me and she’s got beautiful gardens. Her granddaughter wants a shot of a bee in her garden, so late in the day, I shot a little there. Not sure this is the shot I was after, but any bumble in flight is a good bee. Note the yellow in the pollen basket.

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Skimming Across the Hypernicum

Today I’ll be at the Smash in the Square 2021 Spring Festival at The Village at Castle Pines, Colorado. It runs from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Would love to see you there if you’re in the area – check out not only the bees, but birds, wild horses, other wildlife, etc.

When the bees are on it, this is one of my favorite flowers to photograph. Everything looks so dreamy. It’s a short flower – only about six inches tall – so I’m often on my belly on the grass so you get a pretty level view of the bee. Like in this one. Seem to be getting lots in flight lately. They’re beautiful. And that pollen on her is from the hypernicum.

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Heavy Laden in the Rock Rose

Getting ready to drive to the Smash in the Square 2021 Spring Festival at The Village at Castle Pines, Colorado. So I’m posting the next few in advance.

Got a few neat shots this week on the rock roses. This one happens to be a pink one. But there are red, magenta, yellow, orange, etc., too. Some days they’ll open right up. Others…they remain closed. And they’re so flappy in the wind. It’s always a thrill to get a good shot on any one of these. And look at her pollen basket!

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This Pollen Basket…Overload!

I don’t know how this is still stuck to her…or how she flies with a pair of them. Not the pic I had in mind to post today, but it will do – you get a great look at it. Bees were all over this one a couple of days ago. Apparently it was at its pollen apex. Will have a look again today, but if I recall, it only throws pollen for a very short time.

Almost looks like a crumbly cheese… I’m really liking some of these shots from this spring. The flower is a little blasty on this one, but the bee looks great!

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Fun One on the Fleabane

Had a really good fleabane day in September – which is pretty rare. Normally, it’s the hoverflies on the fleabane. But that one day, there were bees all over it. So here’s a shot from that day. She’s got a pretty full pollen basket and I think it came from her work on the fleabane(s). They’re really tiny flowers, as you can see, and they don’t spend much time on each.

Was in the back yard for a bit yesterday. Made me sad to see the void where the three hives were. Already looking forward to Spring.

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