Bumble Face on the Oregano

Just returned from Denver (Cherry Creek Smash Art Festival) yesterday. Fun, successful trip with some great response to the art. So…I didn’t make any time to shoot yesterday. Here’s one from last week. Nice shot of a bumble’s face on the oregano. You can clearly see the three eyes on the top of the head. Really like the greens with the pinks with the yellow/gold intrusion.

Cooling off – 51 degrees this morning and that’s a welcome relief. Looks like 90s for a while yet, but the asters are starting. Brace yourself!

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That Oregano…

…keeps them coming back! Here’s a brown-belted bumble on it. Pollen all over him (I think it’s a drone) and a rare shot of bumbleneck. Those necks fascinate me. Surely a product of millions of years of selection, but they look so strange…and the color – every one I’ve seen is white-ish. And so small for the sizes of the head and abdomen it seems. So interesting to me.

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Double Down on the Oregano

Didn’t shoot on Wednesday at all for some reason. The day got away from me. So here’s one from Tuesday on the ornamental oregano. Honeybee and a brown-belted bumble. The size difference is amazing. Rare to get focus on both bees. I’ve got a number of shots that have multiple bees – four or five, even – but the focus just doesn’t work. Point is, though, that they just swarm this one. It’s a neat little bush-like thing that seems to tolerate intermittent watering. Get one if you love the pollinators.

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