Almost Like Groundhog Day

But not, fortunately. Those of you who went through the 100+ bees day of May 10th saw a lot of asters. Now more today.

But these are Spring asters. Not something I’ve had before. And a really neat little native in them. Including two pics from the same bee today. Looks like a sweat bee, but I don’ think it is.

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Bee 078 – Tiny One in a Tulip

Normally, I prefer shots that show the eye. Seems to us humans that if the eye is in focus, the pic is in focus. Not sure I want to try to explain, but it just is. But sometimes, you get what you get with the bees. Kind of a neat shot.

Two things to notice: First, beeneck. Tickles me every time I get that little bit of white. Seems so small, compared to the rest of the creature. Second, notice the focus on the pollen in the bottom of the shot. The pollen coats the entire inside, but is only in focus for 2-3mm in the shot. Fortunately, mostly in the plane that the be occupies. I’ve better examples of it, but again, it’s illustrative of the shallow, shallow focal plane.

This is a tiny tulip, btw. And a tiny bee.

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Tiny, Tiny, Tiny Native

I cannot tell you how small this bee is. It’s on an anemone, but even that doesn’t tell you much. So…have a look at this:

That’s a US dime. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s just a bit less than 18mm in diameter. The coin covers the yellow part of the blossom with room to spare. Sorry that the light on the two shots is different. I shot the second later in the day – same flower but in the shade.

But that doesn’t detract from the scale. That bee is so small. Probably as long as the ERTY on the dime. If that.

Anyway, cute, beautiful and all the rest. And tiny. Sometime this summer, I’ll put a dime to a monster bumble for comparison. Love them all…

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Bonus – Straight out of the Camera

My mail carrier (package delivery on a Sunday?) asked me if I’d “shot today’s bee yet…” I almost felt bad explaining that today’s posted bee came from sometime last summer. So…

Here’s a bonus bee straight out of the camera unprocessed apart from the strange crop. Posted even as the SD card continues to copy to the computer. I think it’s a fun shot and you really get a good look at anemone guts.

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