Some Strange Antenna Articulation

Current festival: On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (September 4-6), I’ll be in Avon, Colorado in Nottingham Park with my art. Stop by and have a look. Bonus here is that on Monday night, Los Lobos will be playing a free show.

Yesterday, the longhorns were all over this particular goldenrod. Tried to catch multiples in a single shot, but failed at that. This one, though, really struck me. I’ve seen them do some strange things with their antennae, but never seen an arc like this. Just curling all the way around. I’ve also never seen them so enthusiastic about the goldenrod. Normally, they prettymuch stick to ths sunflowers. Fun fact: Only female longhorns have stingers. The males don’t. Not entirely sure how to figure out the difference, though, except for that. And that method seems dumb.

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The Cone Flower Again!

Seems I haven’t gotten as many shots this summer on the cone flowers. Not sure if it’s time of day, something else weird, or other plants throwing more/better pollen. There’s a magenta one I don’t think I’ve gotten a single shot on. Anyway, here’s a great leafcutter on an echinacea – and I never use that name because I can neither remember nor spell it. Cone flower. Or, because I misheard initially, corn flower. Which is another flower entirely. It’s early. I yammer. The abdomen-up bee.

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Silverthorne Natives

Last weekend I was at an art festival in Silverthorne, Colorado. On the first day of the festival, I nipped out behind some aspens about 20 yards from my booth to sate a nicotine craving – when I noticed some native bees on wildflowers. So…being who I am, I went and got a camera and shot for a bit. And came up with this one. That night, I printed a number of copies and then matted those prints.

The shot was well-received by those who attended the show. And it’s a really nice one. And one of the few on this site that’s not from our gardens here. Native Colorado bee on a tiny, dime-sized wild aster. Fun shot!

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Sweat Bee, Tongue, and Yarrow

This is the wrong yarrow again…although I really can’t tell what’s wrong with it. Nor can the bees and wasps. This one was just covered on Wednesday. This is a really fun shot…of a really small bee. They almost look like they have fat pants on. Full pantaloons. Or saddlebags when seen from behind.

Should have spent more time on Wed preparing to leave…and spent less time shooting bees. But…dang…it’s so rewarding. So much fun. And so interesting.

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Another on the Weedy Daisy

That’s not the flower’s real name. Not sure what it is. But it’s a .neat one and I quite like it. Seeds profusely and pops up all over in the gardens. Fun to see where it comes up in the late spring. And, of course, the pollinators love it. This is a leafcutter bee. Note the tongue at work. And the really neat eyes.

I’m going to be at the Snowmass Art Festival (near Aspen, Colorado) with my stuff on Saturday and Sunday of this week. Drop by and have a look if you are in the area.

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Weedy Daisies and a Neat Bee

I like these daisies lots…but apparently they’re seen by most as weeds. They do tend to wander through the gardens from year to year. But they’re really pretty. And tend to attract mostly native bees (as well as one variety of a bee-mimicking wasp). Had a really good time shooting on these daisies yesterday – despite the wind.

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Strange Light – Metallic Green Sweat Bee in a California Poppy

Lately I’ve been shooting very late in the day. Nearly dusk. So much to do. So Tuesday of this week, I thought I’d try in the morning before the sun crested the mountain. The light is lots cooler than in the evening. But I managed to get a good grab on the California poppy that was just opening. Love these little metallic-looking sweat bees. And this one has her wings wide…just leaving that bloom.

I’ll be at the Logan Summerfest Art Festival or Faire or whatever it’s called today. It’s at the fairgrounds and my booth is full of neat shots. Come have a look if you’re in the area. It runs from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., I think. Madness.

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Leafcutter Face (with tongue) on the Four Nerve Daisy

Rough past couple of days at the Ogden Arts Festival. The heat was…crippling. Think it crested 100 degrees yesterday and west-facing, on asphalt – sapping. I think it’s going to be a little cooler this weekend in Logan. Hoping, anyway.

Here’s a great shot from last week of a leafcutter on a four nerve daisy. Still love that name. So many possiblities going down that path. The leafcutters are always in motion. But this one set up, facing me, for a few seconds as she groomed herself. Great shape.

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Foxtail Lily Twofer – In Flight!

So far behind this morning. That Ogden festival today (hope to see you there!). So…quick hit from yesterday on the foxtail lily again (doesn’t last long – love to shoot at it while it’s around). One honeybee and another carpenter bee. Good captures. Enjoy!

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