Bonus – A Very, Very Inadvertent Pollinator

This is a bee site, I know. But from time to time I’ll bonus (that’s a verb today) with other pollinators – many of which are called “inadvertent pollinators”. I suspect as they wander the desert (and they do wander) these mustangs drag pollen here and there and all over the place. If they don’t, let’s all agree to pretend they do and enjoy this shot of a newborn foal. He’s a handsome critter! From a couple of weeks ago out in the west desert.

Parenthetically, I think I’m going to become an inadvertent pollinator myself. At the art festival in St. George last weekend, I was set up with my pop-up tent under a tree that was throwing pollen like mad. Had to blow off my pictures and prints several times throughout the weekend…and the top of my tent was a light green on Saturday night instead of its normal white (kinda gray now, I guess). I blew off as much as I could, but I’m guessing that this upcoming weekend in Arizona, I’ll be spreading Utah pollen all over the place. But thankfully I’ve got the good sense not to post a pic of that particular pollen dragger;). Enjoy!

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