Honeybee in Flight – Destination: Muscari

Wish the detail in the wing were more pronounced, but a nice shot of a beautiful bee moving from flower to flower. Best year that I can remember for the Grape Hyacinth (Muscari). They hit their peak a couple of days ago (you can see them fading a little on the bottoms). One of my spring favorites. And they smell so good.

Mowed my neighbor’s lawn yesterday and I have to confess that I skipped a corner onto which the muscari had marched. Really fond of the little things.

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Yellow and Blue Make…

Honeybee on a Muscari

So I do see the green in this one. I don’t know if they load from the top or the bottom of the leg… But clearly there’s been a sequence going on here given the colors and mixing of the pollen. Pretty neat. And even I see that green.

Someday, I’ve got to do an exercise with cropping really tight – finding those pollen buckets in tack-sharp focus – and displaying all of the different colors of pollen. Would be neater if I could ID the flowers from which the different samples came. I’ll keep an eye out as I look through my pics.

The light and shadows in this one are pretty nasty. But the bee and her face and the pollen and her wing…all worthy of a look. And the light looks good on her. And the decaying leaf…last year feeding this. Probably a lesson there if you look…

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Two of my Favorite Things

A bumblebee, from today, on a Grape Hyacinth (Muscari armeniacum). Or, in the (very) local argot, a bumble on a grapie.

The hives were really active today, but I couldn’t seem to figure out where they were. The Nanking Cherry had a very few but the light was strange (too many shadows) and I may have caught one on the newly-blooming almond.

I sure enjoyed myself, though. And this bumble/muscari series was the last of the day. Happy Spring!

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