Hunt’s Bumble on Maybe a ‘mum

I think. Still with beadhead. This polar vortex storm is making a mess here in the rockies. Eight or ten inches of snow, but lots more has fallen (and melted). And it’s still snowing strong. Those poor crocuses in the vanguard. They’re pretty hearty, but they’re probably wondering what’s happened to spring. So have I. However…it’s been the driest winter that I can remember (but that’s not a great metric) and we need the moisture.

It’s one of those things…you know it’s good, but it’s sure seems lousy when it’s happening. Something about perspective. When the reservoirs are full and I see the water on the garden this summer, maybe I’ll remember this morning and think a little. Probably a lesson in there somewhere… Ha!

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Late – Profile in the Orange ‘mums

Apologies for being late (in the day) with this one. Been knocked down with a cold and a little unmotivated/rough.

Great detail on this one. ‘mums are not my favorite flower, but the color is really neat in this one. As is the detail on the bee. Wings are great and I especially like the look of her back leg – the hairs used to create the pollen basket (when she gets to it). Smiling and wistful as I look at the photo before I post it. Going out every day with my camera is so therapeutic for me…need to get after the birds soon. Need that for my soul.

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Honeybee on the Melting ‘mums

From a coupe of days ago. Look at how dark the pollen is in that basket. Odd, too – when we get honey from the hives in the yard in the spring, it’s the lightest of ambers. In the fall, it’s nearly opaque.

That looks like some pretty dark stuff to me. Weather changing for good this weekend. Or at least until spring. Can’t wait.

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A Bit Blown out on the ‘Mums

So everything everything is a wreck from that hard freeze a few days ago. But some ‘mums (and the fall crocuses) survived. Was in the mid 60s yesterday so I got to shoot for a few minutes. Hope today affords the same. Mostly hoverflies, but a couple of natives and honebees, too. The light on the bee is pretty good, but because the camera metered for the bee, the petals are a bit blown out. Ah, well. Great face and wings and tongue. Late October bee. I like posting current.

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Fall ‘mums

The pollinating flies seem to like the ‘mums better than the bees do. And I have to admit that they’re not one of my favorite flowers – although I do buy big pots of them from time to time…irrespective of whether there’s room for them. They always end up somewhere, though. Love the colors on this one. And over the past few days, there have been a number of honeybees in the ‘mums – as well as a few sweat bees (in addition to the flies).

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