Liatris in August

Still snow. Still cold. I’m sounding like I’m whining. I am. Want to be shooting new bees. Shouldn’t be complaining about the winter, of course, but I’m so very ready for spring. That bee mojo…need!

Meantime, this gorgeous little one has liatris pollen all over her face. Weird plant in that while you might think it would throw purple pollen, its pollen is white. Enjoy!

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Vertical Hunt’s Bumble

Posting a few days in advance. Heading out to Fountain Hills, AZ for the art festival there.

A Hunt’s bumble perched at the top of a liatris bud/stalk. That bedhead bee. Interesting that this one throws white pollen. And lots of it. A favorite of the pollinators…and one you should plant if you have the space.

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Golden Bumbletongue on the Liatris

Another from September 2019. The twelfth, specifically. I’m a little ashamed to admit that there are days and days worth of bee shots I’ve not looked at yet. This was one of them. Good news is, I’ve got a bunch of good ones to keep this going through the winter(s).

Speaking of which, February first will be the one year anniversary of this site. A years worth of “daily bees”. Look for something fun on the first.

Oh, and this shot. What’s not to like about it?

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Strange Light and Color on the Liatris

Not sure what to think of this one. The light and color are weird. But…it’s kind of compelling. Normally, it’s about the beeface, too, but not today. And that pollen basket is just starting to fill. I like the feel of this one, even if it’s not quite in line with everything else here. Might be that kind of day…

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Bumbleface on a Liatris

Great pollen on the eye. Tongue is obscured by the flower, though. This one is in full bloom and really attracts bees of all kinds. Yesterday I saw two natives, a bunch of honeybees, and three different kinds of bumbles on this liatris. Gorgeous. And that’s a sunflower in the background above the bumble. Little pollen grains on its eye…

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