Little Leafcutter on the Black-Eyed Susan

Quick today – apparently I’ve got lots to do with little time…one of the lots is posting today’s bee. So…here ya go. It’s cute enough. Really love the eyes on these. They really have their own look. Actually, it’s a really nice shot.

Low 50s today. Crocuses starting to gain some momentum, but didn’t see any bees in my cursory look. Will look harder tomorrow – with my camera in hand.

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Native Leafcutter on a Sunflower

Selecting a pic for the day in the winter is kind of a crapshoot. In the summer, I try to shoot every day…and I generally have several hundred that might be interesting or worth posting. Hate to admit it, but there are still thousands I have not seen. So…to select, I go to a random folder and click through…looking for one that speaks to me. This one was the first one I clicked on. And I like it lots. Tons of color for a snowy day.

It really is almost spring. 😉

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Twofer – and in Flight

Back to the well. The blanket flower. What a champ for pollinators. This leafcutter (the one in flight) was really giving the bumble a hard time. Kept crashing into it, trying to knock it off the flower. Territorial little thing. The bumble was unmoved, though.

Traveling some to art fairs and shows in September. Check the sidebar (on a big browser – have to scroll to the bottom on a phone) for dates and places and links – or the Festivals and Events page. Some of the stuff that I’ve printed is stunning – especially the large sizes. And if you introduce yourself in person, I might be inclined to be flexible on prices. Plus it would be neat to meet people who frequent this site.

Enjoy these little ones today. I was pleased with how this shot turned out.

(Parenthetically, we broke the 200-day mark a bit more than two weeks ago. That’s a lot of bees!)

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Leafcutter Cutting a Leaf

Not really thrilled about this pic. But it’s interesting nonetheless. Metallic-looking leafcutter doing what it does. In addition to the action, I really like the beeneck. Not something you see very often. Hard to see. Such small critters. You can also see how much of the leaf (rose, if I remember right) it’s chewed up.

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Leafcutter on a Gaillardia

Leafcutter on a Gaillardia – Blanket Flower (Gaillardia Mesa™ Peach)

Check out that eye! And that front leg is neat, too. I really love this flower for pollinators. It’s full of pollen, blooms like mad, and attracts natives an honeybees from mid-summer until the first hard, hard frost. Plus it’s elegantly complex and photographs really well. One of my very favorites.

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