Lots of Purple – In the Lavender

This one grabbed me today. Little rough on the highlights on the blossom itself, but I like both the bee itself and the background. Been a little warmer lately but still lots of snow on the ground. The crocuses look a little rough. And confused. But we’re probably mostly done. Seems like half-a-winter’s worth of water in a single, long storm.

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Bedhead Bumble on the Lavender

Here’s a neat Hunt’s Bumblebee on the lavender (in June). One of my favorite bumbles because it looks just so unkempt. That interesting background is hens and chicks. Can’t wait for summer again. Frost everywhere this morning. No snow yet. Dormant. I do understand cycles, but I do prefer growth to resting.

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Notsostellar in the Lavender

So very busy yesterday that I only made three minutes (according to the data from the camera) to shoot. Feeling bad about that and not so great about the shot. Good enough, I guess – and I really value posting fresh stuff. The winter will be long. Or will seem long. Pretty little one on the lavender that looks better than I’d thought originally.

Something else: if you’re somehow roped into destroying rather than creating – breaking rather than building – you’d better have a stinkin’ good reason for it. And had better not make it a habit.

/end sermon

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Profile on the Lavender

Apologies for the lack of narrative for the past few days. I hate it when people say, “I didn’t have any time”. Was trying to get on the road to go to a festival – and chose to do other things with my time – and only posted the pictures.

So…back again. And the lavender’s back, too. They bloom for the first time in late June/early July around here. But some of them re-fire in the late summer/early fall. Quickly becoming one of my favorite plants to photograph with the bees. And, of course, the bees love them. Looks like there will be some new, different varieties in the new garden (former parking strip) next year. Am looking forward to that.

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Back to the Lavender

And what a thing to get back to. It’s fading now…not many bees left on it. I think some of them will re-fire in a bit, though.

Thought for sure that I’d already posted this one. Hadn’t. Gorgeous. Prints up so nicely and would probably look good on your wall. email me for a matted, signed copy (steve@bees.photo). And enjoy!

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Traveling to Lavender

Yesterday I drove south to Young Living Lavender Farm and Distillery in Mona, Utah. Neat place. Great people. Interesting products, too.

Ended up buying a couple of products and even another lavender plant. Like there’s any room for that. Well, there might be. Rented a sod cutter the other day and took out the parking strip on the south side… The lawn is shrinking. Guess it will be an iris bed – among other things.

Protip: mark your sprinklers before you start your sod cutter rodeo/wrestling match. Agenda this morning: fix a sprinkler.

Oh, here’s today’s bee from the lavender farm. The light was awful, but any chunk of time with cameras in hand is a good chunk of time…

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