Traveling to Lavender

Yesterday I drove south to Young Living Lavender Farm and Distillery in Mona, Utah. Neat place. Great people. Interesting products, too.

Ended up buying a couple of products and even another lavender plant. Like there’s any room for that. Well, there might be. Rented a sod cutter the other day and took out the parking strip on the south side… The lawn is shrinking. Guess it will be an iris bed – among other things.

Protip: mark your sprinklers before you start your sod cutter rodeo/wrestling match. Agenda this morning: fix a sprinkler.

Oh, here’s today’s bee from the lavender farm. The light was awful, but any chunk of time with cameras in hand is a good chunk of time…

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I’ve Been Told that One Cannot…

…overdose on Vitamin C. Well, apparently it’s pretty hard to do. I wonder if that’s the same for lavender…

Very busy day with a very early appointment through about sixty miles of rush hour traffic. So just getting to today’s bee (that I shot in some pretty nasty light just a few minutes ago). You, though, as a paying customer have the right to complain – or cancel your subscription. Oh, wait a minute…

So much else in bloom. I’ll get to something besides purple soon. Just need to find a bit of equilibrium. Enjoy!!!

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So I Punt…back to the Lavender

Been on the road in Colorado for the last few days. Interesting, fun trip. Shot some classic (and older) cars and trucks, too. On the steep part of the learning curve on those, I’d bet. Just copying the cards over now.

But…trip got extended an extra day because these are strange times we live in… And I didn’t have a bee preloaded for this early a.m. as I normally do when I’m away.

So, today, you get a scramble through the lavender – a wider shot than I normally post, but it’s today – and she’s a bee – and has a pal in the lower left of the shot, too. So…enjoy 😉

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Fresh one on the Lavender

I’m loving the lavender this year, lots. Didn’t have any/much time to shoot on Tuesday of this week…but managed to grab this one. I really like the depth on it. Prints really well, too.

Still frustrated by this medium – 1000 pixels wide. At full resolution, this one is just stunning. Looks pretty good on your phone, though, doesn’t it?

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Approaching Lavender

If you’d like to spend the afternoon approaching Lavender
You’ll feel just fine but one thing’s sure
You’ll never be the same

From Gordon Lightfoot (1970). Guess he’s still around and touring. He’s one I’ve not seen before. I have a soft spot for the If You Could Read my Mind album.

Beautiful bee. I like the shot…lots. Printed it on metallic paper and it’s just stunning. Email me ( to get a matted copy in either 5×7 or 8×10. Really pops. I think this shot is going to go in the 2021 beefriends calendar.

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Honeybee on the Lavender

Like the glow on this one. The focus isn’t perfect and I don’t know if I should have posted it. But the posture of the bee as well as the lavender kind of draws me. There will be another tomorrow, so…

Lavender is pretty tough to shoot. Looking forward to a warm, cloudy day so I avoid the shadows that are apparent in this one.

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The Lavender Begins

Been waiting on this for a while…finally happening – the Lavender.

Lots of good shots yesterday – still processing and haven’t looked at most. But here’s a taste. Warmer, less windy, and no rain.

Toward the end of the month, I’m going to go south to a lavender farm and shoot for a day. Looking forward to that. And it’s only going to get better here in these gardens, too. Great time of year!

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Honeybee on Lavender

This picture seems a little wonky to me. But I’ve looked at the original several times, and it’s pretty true to it. So much detail there both in the bee and the flower. And, of course, the lavender is fantastic. So many varieties of it, too. And the bees (and every other pollinator) just love it. It does take up some space, but when it’s in bloom, it’s magnificent – and fragrant.

It does get a little flappy in the wind, but most of you don’t have a camera to your face trying to get a tack-sharp bee when you’re enjoying the lavender…

A couple of other things: First, I’ve been a little discouraged with the traffic to the site lately – wondering if it’s a worthwhile thing to be doing with my time. (Of course it is, I know, and as the body of work grows, so will the traffic. I do know that.) Second, thanks for kind, encouraging emails that some of you have sent. That these little ones resonate with you, too, is really gratifying to me. Third, (whenever I say I’ve got a couple of things, I end up lying) please feel welcome to comment on the pics here. I’d like to see some dialogue, critique, suggestions, and knowledge shared. The way it is set up, you can put in a phony email address (use, for example) and your comments will get through (if you don’t want to use your real email address – tho I’m the only one who sees it).

Anyway, I’m having tons of fun with this. And have years’ worth of pics backed up just waiting to be posted. Shot a bunch more today. Tulips, among other things. Maybe some good anemone shots, too – but my computer keeps crashing so I’ve not seen them all yet. Stay tuned…

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Bumble in the Lavender

Bumble in the Lavender

Lavender is fantastic for pollinators. There’s even an extra in that shot…not particularly a pollinator by definition – but passively/accidentally doing it as it moves from flower to flower.

I’m not sure of the variety of Lavender. After a few years in the garden, when other varieties are present, they kind of tend to invent their own variants. Pretty though. And teeming with bees and other critters.

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