Finally…a Leafcutter…on Lavender

First, I think I’ve got the lease settled for a physical storefront/gallery. That’s exciting. Won’t be all bees, of course, but they will have prominent space.

Second, I got a few today that weren’t on the ‘mums. Here’s a leafcutter (that infamous “abdomen-up” bee) on the second bloom of the lavender. Some shadows, but I really had wondered if I’d had my last good bee day. Was a good one today. Easy to excuse the shadows.

Third, I might have figured out why I’m not much of a fan of chrysanthemums. First, it might be that after Memorial Day in the cemeteries, those in those foil-wrapped plastic pots look nasty and trashy. I realize that they don’t get the water/care that they need, but they strike me as cheap and temporary…and ultimately depressing. Second, they seem to be the cheap (that word again), go-to flower when you’re panicked and in the grocery store. Something that ubiquitous and inexpensive can’t have much value, right? Wow, that was more than any of you asked. Next step: love ’em for what they are. I’ve sure gotten some great pics on them. And they do serve the bees well.

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Bonus: Banded Garden Spider

Got a text on Saturday from our neighbors to the east inviting me to come and photograph a really neat spider that was living in the lavender. I was out of town and regretted not being able to shoot (especially after seeing the phone pics).

So…this morning I grabbed my camera and had a look. Really, really neat, colorful critter. Big, too! Not entirely pleased with how it came out…so I might go back for more. But…it’s a fun shot. We have the best neighborhood!

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Some Beeneck in the Lavender

Getting ready to head to Silverthorne/Breckenridge, Colorado for a Fri, Sat, Sun art festival. Seems I’m never quite ready to hit the road.

Kind of a nasty looking bit of lavender today…been so hot and there’s so little water. Rumor has it that they’re going to shut off the irrigation in August. And that’s going to be a killer on the gardens. The lawns are looking pretty crispy already (turned the water way, way down on them).

Today – great look at a bee neck. And eyes and face. Fun composition, too. If you’re interested in the health of the bees and other pollinators, remember to put some water out for them. Put a stone or two in the birdbath so they have something to stand on as they drink. Easy way to make friends.

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Obscuring Daisy – and Lavender

That daisy in the shadow in the foreground. Probably a disaster of a shot by most standards. But I was taken by it and the bee looks great. Gives an idea about what’s going on in the gardens. Good look at the depth of things. And maybe the difficulty of getting the bees photographed sometimes. Great wing. And it’s probably neither mysterious or surprising, but that daisy’s middle is a bright, bright yellow. That light…

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Honeybee on Lavender in a Mess

This is kind of a fun shot backed out a little. One of the laments that I have about this site is the lack of context within the gardens. They’re magnificent yet you generally only get to see one bee on one blossom. So here’s a broader shot. And it’s interesting if nothing else.

Oh, and I’m going to be at the Snowmass Art Festival (near Aspen, Colorado) with my stuff on Saturday and Sunday of this week. Drop by and have a look if you are in the area.

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Lavender Rising

So many things starting to bloom. I especially love the lavender. Might have something to do with the green and purple. One of nature’s great combinations.

Two things to note on this bee: First, her neck. You get a pretty good look in this shot. And it’s weird looking. Almost like a plastic tube or something. Second, her abdomen. Note that she has prettymuch no hair left – nearly completely bald. While her wings still look quite intact, having rubbed off the hair on her back is an indication of her age. In other words, she’s been around for a while. Closer to the end of her cycle than the beginning. This is the spot at which I say, “So, too, is it for all of us…”. Or something like that. I like this shot.

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The Lavender is Back!

Just now starting to open. Thought it might be a couple of more weeks. This was admittedly a pretty dark shot (very late evening) so there’s a bunch of noise in it…but… I was so pleased to see a leafcutter on the lavender that I shot anyway. Thinking this site might be nearly as much about chronicling plants in the gardens as it is about the bees. Why not both?

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