Pollen, Larkspur, and Very Bad Light

Of all the shots I have, I really don’t know why I chose this one for today. Must be the pollen. I don’t think it came from the larkspurs. Every plant has both its own pollen (size, color, etc.) – and it seems to end up in different places on the bee, depending on the blossom. Maybe in a few years, I’ll be able to look at a dirty bee and say (definitively) where it’s been. Aspiring again, I guess…

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Bumble – Almost on a Larkspur

Late light on this one. But the wing blur is neat. As is the detail. Posting this one in advance, too, because I think I’ll be working on cleanup/takedown after the art fair in Logan, Utah.

Guessing we were all hot yet all had a good time. Hoping that’s the case. And hoping a lot of people I met are visiting this site for the first time!

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Beautiful Bee – Neat Cone Flower

Seems August is a really busy month. Didn’t even pick up my camera yesterday so today’s shot is from earlier this month. I especially like what the diagonal penstemmon adds to the shot. Nothing all that special about this one – which is really saying something. Isn’t nature herself gorgeous?

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Bonus – Dragonfly on a Larkspur

Seems like a heavy dragonfly year – or I’m getting lucky with them. Here’s one on a larkspur. Those have recently started going nuts. Even to the point of occluding that one blanket flower that the bees love so. Might be time to do a little unarranging there. This one sat up nicely for me…and I like the detail on the wings.

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Golden Bumble on a Giant Larkspur

Golden Bumble (Bombus fervidus) on a Giant Larkspur (Consolida ajacis)

Not all that much to say about this one. Just a Golden Bumble ( Bombus fervidus) on a Giant Larkspur (Consolida ajacis). Lots of pollen, though. And interesting how she’s got her head jammed in there pulling herself deeper with her claws. Seems the Larkspur was made for just for that. Normally, I like to include the eye in a bee pic. Seems if the eye is in good focus, it’s a good shot. But this one was compelling to me – eye or no.

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