Three Stages of the Blanket Flower

Apart from being a neat shot of a bee, this picture of the Mesa Peach shows three different phases of the blossom. You see the one in full bloom, the fuzzy one has bloomed, and the one on the right that’s out of focus (maybe I should have picked a better shot of that?) and cut off is one yet to bloom. Maybe I’ll find another to illustrate the three in better focus.

In-flight is neat, though. And it’s a great bee!

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Almost a Twofer?

Found this one yesterday while looking at some shots from August 2019. It’s always fun to get one in flight. And the ones with laden baskets are always pretty. Her purpose.

But the fun came with a monstrous brown-belted bumble coming in onto the same flower. That shadow…almost there! In looking at further pics (none of which had both bees in focus at the same time, sadly) they shared that sunflower for a while, both doing their thing. Great shadow on a great backdrop.

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Double on the Asters

Lots going on in this shot. But all good and fun. From early October. Love it when they’re so sharp in flight. And also really like it when two are in very good focus. The plane of focus is so very thin and it’s exceptionally lucky to have that happen. Wish I could say it was intentional, but it’s not in the slightest. I was focusing on the one on the blossom and the other little one just made her way in. Probably a lesson in that. If only in gratitude.

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In Flight and in the Wind

Really windy yesterday while I was trying to shoot. So I didn’t spend much time with it. Caught this one in flight, though. Everything seems to be fading. Still 70 degrees, though, today (I hope). So another day, at least, of warmish weather.

Next weekend (Fri-Sun), I’ll be in Centennial, Colorado at the Holiday Art Market. Stop by if you are in the area to see some of these critters in better detail. Neat art.

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