Going Back to Yesterday’s Squillery

I really, really like this shot. Lots. And lots. You get a good look at the blossom as well as the bee. And you really see the blue pollen clearly.

Don’t think I’m going to have time to shoot today, so tossing this one out early to get this task off my plate. Hope you feel something similar to what I do when I look at this one.

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Finally on the Siberian Squill

Been waiting for shooting on the squill. But it was really cold today. And cloudy. And I made an error when I attached a 1.4x converter in that narrow window I had. When you put a converter (magnifier) between the lens and the camera, it really eats up a lot of light. And it was quite dark and cloudy for those few minutes I had to shoot. Wrong day for the converter. Not that it matters, ultimately. Because here’s a bee on the squill ;). Likely one from the returned hives. Does my heart good to see. And that blue pollen! Not only in the basket, but all over her.

Maybe tomorrow is warmer with a bit more light. Doesn’t really matter. A spring day is a spring day is a good day. I expect that from tomorrow.

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One from the Warmth of Last Summer

Been too snowy and cold for new shots. Looks like it will be a week or so before it warms up sufficiently for reliable shooting. This one’s shot in a neat birdbath that the birds don’t use, but that the bees love. Birdbath, in this case, being a dished rock found on the desert.

So much advice around about planting pollinator-friendly plants. One thing that doesn’t get mentioned much is that bees (and other critters) need water that they can access. And that can be as simple as putting out a pie tin with water and some pebbles in it (bees need a place to perch while they drink). Good place to observe them, too.

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Snow today…

So the bees have been back for a couple of days. Like mad yesterday. Snowed overnight and there are a couple of inches still on the ground. They’re probably pining for the almond orchards of California…and wondering what in the world is going on.

So…here’s one on a crocus from last week. Think that other plant is some sort of sedum. The snow won’t be around long and they’ll be back at it soon. Can’t wait to meet the new crew.

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On Glory of the Snow – ‘Pink Giant’. Happy Spring!!

Neat honeybee on: Glory of the snow (Scilla forbesii ‘Pink Giant’). I really like these flowers. For some reason, they’ve been a little difficult for me to photograph. They always end up looking looser and nastier in the shot than they do to my eye. But I think this one worked out well. Good depth. And the bee is great. Look at that pollen basket.

In other news, our beekeeper friend (know in my phone as JodyBees) dropped off two hives yesterday (with the promise of a third sometime soon). If it weren’t raining cats and dogs (and other medium-sized animals), I’d be out looking for them on the blossoms.

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Not Quite the Squill I Wanted, but…

So yesterday, I was really fastidious…and prepared a shot for today. I’ve been so short on time yesterday. But my brain leaks. And I didn’t recall I’d done that. So, in a panic this afternoon (a needing-a-fresh-bee panic), I went out a bit ago. Too windy, maybe. Not many around. Finally found one around some squills (I love those little ones) but the underneath shadows were brutal. But managed to catch it almost in focus in flight. Kinda neat…and it was the blue pollen (proving it had been in the squills) that sealed it for me. So…panic bee today. Enjoy!

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Two Crocuses – and a Bee

Not so much of a bee close-up today. But sometimes you’ve gotta take time to see the flowers. Maybe that’s not quite how it goes, but… The crocuses have started to fade. Lots of other things starting, though. I’d hoped for some neat squill shots yesterday, but it was a little cold and cloudy – at least while I had a sliver of a second to shoot. Maybe today will be more about squills.

Spent some time on the west desert yesterday with a wild mustang herd. Met a couple of new foals. Super cute little critters for sure. Spring delights me.

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