A Favorite Bee Day for me and the Bees

This is a pretty good day for a couple of reasons (in addition to the fact that it was finally warmisher): First, our first hive came back last night from the wilds of the California almond orchards. JodyBees brought one of three or four over to the buffet. She says they’re well and healthy. And it tickles me to no end to have the little ones back in the yard. And, second, the Grape Hyacynths have started to throw pollen. I have so very many “favorite” spring bulbs (is this on a corm??), but the grapies (as I call them) could be my favorite favorite favorite. Plus, if purple had a smell, these little flowers would smell purple. I just love them. So here’s a welcome-back bee on a purple-smelling blossom. It’s a good day.

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Waving from a Tulip

I know she’s not. But sometimes it’s what it looks like. Been waiting a while for these tulips to both open and throw pollen. Still kinda cold today so the bees were sparse. But I found this little greedy one in this fantastic tulip. Check out that pollen basket on her. It’s kind of boxy-looking, but it’s huge. Getting kind of a ride’em beegirl vibe from this one. And they never last eight seconds. Always more work to be done. And that was a passel of mixed metaphors that made no sense. Apologies. I might be hungry.

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Another in Flight

Too cold today for the bees. Odd April. And could use some more precip, of course. Here’s one from the 3rd…heading toward the hyacinths. Adding a second at 100pct again. Just for fun. Again, that huge pollen basket. Something so satisfying about seeing them laden. Guess maybe because they’ve done work. But also, it’s such a funny clump of stuff. Sticky for sure. Just a glob on the leg. Plus there’s something interesting about flying around with it. They’re not the most aerodynamic lookin’ critters anyway, but with those bulging saddle bags…

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Laden over the Tulips Again

Very cool and windy and cloudy the last couple of days. So no bee shooting. This one is from a couple of days ago. And a common lament illustrated:

I resize these pictures to 1000 pixels wide (for lots of reasons, one of which is that they load faster on a phone). But when I do so (and when you look at them on your phone), you really don’t see what I see looking at a much, much higher resolution on a bigger monitor. So you don’t ever get to see what I get to see (unless you buy a large print, I guess).

So, as a counter to that today, you get two pics. The first that I’d post normally. Then a really zoomed-in version of same just showing the bee. As I see it. Enjoy. And thanks for indulging me. Oh, and look at the size of that pollen basket!!

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More Tongue – on an Ornamental Cherry

When I figure out which variety this is, I’ll edit this post. But, for now, it’ll be “an ornamental cherry” – that’s in full bloom and just thick with bees. Here’s a nice shot of both a sweet bee and some blossoms. Happy spring! I’m lovin’ it!

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Might be a First on the Site – a Bee at 100pct

This is a really close crop – at 100pct. Meaning that I cut the middle out of the picture and didn’t reduce the size of it to post it here. Which I have done with every other shot I’ve posted. Just wanted to share a look at the detail, unshrunk (and undamaged by the shrinking algorithms).

From yesterday, btw. Weather was uncooperative today.

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