Miss September 2023

Apologies if you find the title sexist. I often have my tongue in my cheek and a glint in my eye. And am irreverent.

Great shot of a great bee. She’s the bee for the month of September in next year’s calendar. Hope you can see the grains of pollen on her eye. And backlit bees are just neat. That glow and translucence.

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In Flight Coming off the Russian Sage

I’ve really, really gotten behind on posting these. And I’m very sorry about that. I’ve got them loaded up and ready to go. Just haven’t made time to do it. Trying to catch up now. You need your Daily Bee. As do I. Great shot from October today. Lots of snow on the ground right now, but every day is another day closer to the first bee of the spring. Looking forward to that! Enjoy.

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Linear Russian Sage

I like this one on the Russian Sage a lot. The lines. Kind of gives an idea of how dense the blossoms are. It’s no wonder that those plants and blossoms are just pulsing with bees once they start to bloom. Great plant for pollinators – and it’s not very thirsty at all – and blooms and blooms and blooms and blooms. Plant a couple – or a lot!

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