Helianthemum Overdose

Need to get some on the pink, darker red, and orange ones… Stole a few moments to shoot yesterday and came up with a few good ones. I like this one a lot. Printed it again this morning…looks really good on paper.

(Mini Digression next.) Went to the city offices yesterday to see about having a mini, spontaneous art fair on our lawn. Seems like the default answer in those offices is “NO”!! Overheard a number of conversations between residents and “officials”, and that’s always the first play. Seems like, if they truly work for us, they’d be figuring out how to say “yes”…helping those for whom they ostensibly work. Not so. So…apparently I cannot use our lawn for a one-off art sale. I’m looking in to different venues, but…

Enjoy the bee. Beauty and calm and joy in that shot.

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Back to Spring – The Crocuses

Haven’t shot for a few days. Managed to get stung right on my temple yesterday (was about fifteen feet from a hive when a frame got shaken off and someone got mad) and that kind of wrecked the afternoon. Think I’m a little allergic – left eye swollen nearly shut. So today’s bee comes from March of this year.

I like the clarity of her eye and the pollen on it. Didn’t find a crop that I liked so this one will do for now. Maybe I’ll fiddle a bit and replace it with something that sits/fits better (if I get to it). Normally the crops are pretty intuitive for me, but this one seems off.

Maybe this is a little better. Which one do you like best?

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In Flight – Heading toward the Salvia

Been getting pretty lucky catching some legit shots in flight. I really like the eye and tongue and the pollen on her head on this one. Even a bit of the wings. Shot this one last Friday – didn’t pick up the camera much yesterday or Sunday.

However…kept my booth/tent up yesterday (still didn’t get any pictures shot of it – hopefully this morning) and had so many people stop by and enjoy the art – not only bees, but also birds, flowers, wildlife – sundry stuff. Great conversations with neighbors and people who drove by. Really enjoyable. Art is essential.

Printed this one out this morning and it’s pretty stunning. She such a beauty. Get in touch (bees@bees.photo) if you’d like one of these shots for your wall. We’ll get it figured out.

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Another on the New Geranium

In this one you get to see the two different colors of this geranium (it’s two plants). She looks really good – hairy eyeball and all.

Not much on the narrative today. Yesterday I set up my art booth/tent on the front lawn to take some pictures of it. Had lots of people stop as they were driving/walking by and have a look. The response was gratifying. I think people are thirsty for “non-essential” art.

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Pollen Buckets on Helianthemum

Helianthemum – also known as rock rose, sunrose, rushrose, and frostweed. As I mentioned before, fantastic for pollinators.

A bit windy yesterday and this isn’t a particularly good shot of the flower – but look at those pollen buckets on her. Wondering how full is too full. And of course her filthy face. Another thing to notice is her underside. Such a neat pattern there. Very cool little bee today.

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Honeybee on a Very Fragrant Bush (whose name I cannot recall)

This is a pretty good-sized bush, but given how it sits under a cypress tree, the light and shadows make it tough to get good shots. And it’s fairly inaccessible. That said, here’s a nice shot.

It’s very fragrant…not in a cloying way, but in a way that makes me smile. The bees and other pollinators love it. And it’s beautiful.

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New Geranium this Year…with a Honeybee

First year for this geranium…in pink and white. Bees seem to be really fond of it. Looks a little ratty…not quite sprawly, but surely unkempt in the garden. But the shape of the blossoms is fantastic for bees of all kinds and they’re all over it. And it looks great in pictures when I can get the focus right. Have a look:

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On the Allium

These are such a neat flower while they last…but they’re only good for bees for a week or so. Herrick had something to say about it, generally:

Gather ye Rose-buds while ye may,
    Old Time is still a-flying:
And this same flower that smiles to day,
    To morrow will be dying.

The bees seem to be pretty good at that. And I don’t necessarily see it as contrary to the ant-grasshopper fable. More at: the moment can inform the future if you choose. Nothing momentary about it if you’re mindful.

Great pollen bucket on her, btw.

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Another on the Culinary Thyme

I’ve been fond of the more lateral, horizontal crops lately. But I think that this one lends itself to something a little taller. Good detail on the bee – especially the hair on her eye. They’re still in the thyme – lots. And have recently gotten into a new geranium. Pics forthcoming. Hard to manage the volume of shots I’ve taken over the past few days. Enjoy!

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Golden Honeybee in Flight – Destination: Salvia

Shot this one at Noon yesterday. Light coming through the clouds made her look really golden. This one started blooming about a week ago. Seems a little bit ahead of the lighter ones. Weird day yesterday in that it was really windy – and the bees didn’t seem to want to stay anywhere for very long. Not sure if it has anything to do with the wind, but some days (and on some flowers) they seem to feed for a long time. Yesterday it was all about brush and fly off. I do like this shot, though.

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