Just Another on the Russian Sage

Pretty typical honeybee on the Russian Sage. Looking at this, I thought, “there’s nothing very special about this shot”. And then I realized that “nothing special” here is quite a thing. Something this lovely and detailed (talking about the bee and the blossoms) and glorious is somewhat “meh” to me…makes me realize how fortunate I am to think this pedestrian. And I’m not talking about the photography itself – but nature. Intricate, beautiful, timeless nature. What a thrilling thing to be in a world where this is every day.

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Great Shot on the Blanket Flower

Wish I knew which one this is. Might be Mesa Peach. But might not. Have a few different varieties that I picked up here and there. And I think they morph a little through time, too. One very red one didn’t get much action this year…or I didn’t get many photos of the action that happened. Interested to see if/how they seed next year.

No set date yet for the gallery opening. Hoping for sometime in November – complete with a new website for stuff other than/including bees. Will continue with this one, too, of course.

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Honeybee on a Chocolate Daisy

A bit of a muddy picture, but I think that might add to the charm. Especially with the leaves in the background…lowing to yellow in the upper-right.

These chocolate daisies not only smell good, but they’re persistent flowers. They only bloom in the morning (close down early), but they go and go and go and go. We’ve had a minor frost already, yet they’re still at it. And have been all summer. They do get a little ratty looking, but one of the things I like best about them is how the blossoms look after they bloom. Great shape. I’ll post a pic soon to show what I mean. Anyway, great bee enjoying a reliable pollen source. Wonder if bees can smell (in a way that is similar to us bipeds). Hmmmm…

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Some More ‘mums

Which might mean that I found some time to shoot today. I did. Keep wondering if this day (whatever the day is) is going to be the “last day” for bees. Kind of a silly thing…and an odd thing to wonder. I’ve never marked a “last day” before, but it would be easy to tell looking in the photo folders. Apparently this year, it’s meaningful.

Great bee face. Pollen on the eye. Tongue hidden behind the right antenna. And a couple of fullish pollen baskets if you look closely. Oh, and a beautiful ‘mum.

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Just About Midnight…

Haven’t missed posting a bee yet, I don’t think. Pushing it with this one. Shot today on the ‘mums. Got to shoot for a few minutes in the afternoon, but nearly nothing turned out right. Think I might be a bit too harried with this renovation. Unfun yet exciting.

Enjoy…hope to take more time tomorrow to shoot (assuming the weather people are right and it’s warm…ish).

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Toward the Alyssum

This one is from August of this year. Neat shot of a honey bee heading toward (or away from – hard to tell) the white alyssum. Somewhat rare to see bees on this one. Great groundcover otherwise. It’s an annual, but reseeds in place so if you want it to come back, leave it alone (and let it seed) when it’s finished blooming. (And maybe augment with another flat or two from the nursery now and then.)

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More of the ‘mums

This time, it’s a full-frame shot (no crop). The depth of focus really gets thin when I get that close. But it’s a fun shot. Maybe the bud in the lower left is a bit distracting…and maybe I should have cut off some of the left side for the sake of balance. But it’s mostly about the bee. And it’s a great shot of her. Go ‘mums!! (I guess…)

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On a Chrysanthemum Streak

Spell checker tried to change that word to misanthrope. It might know more than I. Snow dusting this morning. Won’t be long before I will have had the last bee day. Maybe it’s happened already.

Here’s another on a ‘mum. Neat shot. Neat colors. Neat depth. Maybe they’re not so bad…

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