Honeybee of a Different Color

Again on the Salvia. But this one is more sliver/grey than the golden of those in the hives. There are some darker ones around, too – I think they’re Russian. But there’s quite a variation in color in the honeybees that I see. Love the detail on this one – and it’s nearly full-frame. Got really close. The light is a little off for the flowers, but the bee looks great. And really good look at her eye(s).

Another sting yesterday. That makes four for the year. And only one in the several years previously. Not sure what the difference is. Was only trying to fill the birdbath for them to drink out of -maybe the flood threatened? Unfun, whatever the case. Hit my right thumb and my hand is swollen and angry. Ugh.

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Another on the New Geranium

In this one you get to see the two different colors of this geranium (it’s two plants). She looks really good – hairy eyeball and all.

Not much on the narrative today. Yesterday I set up my art booth/tent on the front lawn to take some pictures of it. Had lots of people stop as they were driving/walking by and have a look. The response was gratifying. I think people are thirsty for “non-essential” art.

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Another on the Culinary Thyme

I’ve been fond of the more lateral, horizontal crops lately. But I think that this one lends itself to something a little taller. Good detail on the bee – especially the hair on her eye. They’re still in the thyme – lots. And have recently gotten into a new geranium. Pics forthcoming. Hard to manage the volume of shots I’ve taken over the past few days. Enjoy!

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Another Honeybee – but on a Rock Cress

Really heavy on the honeybees lately. I’ve only seen one bumble so far this spring – no, two – but both the same kind (coulda been the same one on different days??). Not quite a passable picture of either, unless you like bumblebutt. And there might be something to that. Forewarned is forearmed, I guess.

But this one – another honeybee on what’s blooming now – happens to be Rock Cress (“some kind of Aubrieta“, I’m told – whatever that is). But they sure were having a good time on that bit of ground cover today. And it really is pretty. And the bee’s gorgeous, too. Neat pollen bucket and you can really see the hair around her eye. Saw lots today cleaning their faces and curating the pollen. Have to believe that’s the purpose of the hair on the eye.

Had a pretty hard freeze last night (~25F up here on the hill) so a lot of blossoms got a bit wrecked. But it was in the 60s this afternoon – looked and felt and smelled like spring. And do realize that when I say, “I shot this one this afternoon”, I’m writing to you from the past – specifically last night (which is now, for me, tonight). So when you’re reading this, today is yesterday. (Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace… And all our yesterdays…)

And where else are you going to get the Bards of Avon and Zevonia on consecutive days? Signifying what?

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