Antegrandinis Iris with Bee

Yes, I did make up that word. And it’s been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to know if I used it right. Tough.

Here’s today’s bee. Shot before the next pic happened.

Phone pic of the aftermath of a HUGE hailstorm that just wrecked everything. Notice that the standards are shredded and the middle of the flower is full of hail. I got there a bit late…after it melted some. Brutal on everything blooming.

I keep saying, “there’s probably a lesson there” here on this site. There probably is. I’m going to go with two: First, no matter how well you do your stuff…mindfully and elegantly…sometimes life comes along and hails (that may or may not be a euphemism) on it. Second, the hail melts and becomes a memory quickly…while the protected buds unfurl and the beauty returns. Irises and other flowers keep going. So do the bees. So do you. It’s what we all do.

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