Fading Geraniums

Been a good run for these new geraniums. Fading now, but Rozanne is starting to blossom now. So one more pic from one of my new favorite Spring flowers.

SO windy yesterday. Then rained all evening and night. But cooler, thankfully and will be for a few days. Looks like it’s going to be sunny today. Such a Catch-22 in that cloudy days have better light for bees – but the camera settings become fussier. Sunny days have the blastier light – but it’s lots easier to get a good bee capture. Terrible problems to have, considering the state of the world… 😉

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In-flight and what is with all the Geraniums?

I like posting fresh ones…so here’s one from yesterday. But that means I have to go where the bees are. And, recently, they’ve been on this particular geranium. Decent in-flight grab. And as much as the bee – or even moreso – I like the depth of the geraniums. That’s a frustration with photography – 2D of 3D. Such a poor approximation of beauty sometimes.

They’ve been on the salvias a lot, too. One particular one that’s South-facing (so a bit ahead of the other ones in maturity) was just throbbing…humming with bees the other evening. The shadows were bad so it didn’t make for great shots, but my “face cam” ate it up.

What a wonderful time of year. So life-affirming. There’s really something magical about being among the flowers and bees and other, growing things. Resets my perspective and attitude.

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Another on the New Geranium

In this one you get to see the two different colors of this geranium (it’s two plants). She looks really good – hairy eyeball and all.

Not much on the narrative today. Yesterday I set up my art booth/tent on the front lawn to take some pictures of it. Had lots of people stop as they were driving/walking by and have a look. The response was gratifying. I think people are thirsty for “non-essential” art.

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New Geranium this Year…with a Honeybee

First year for this geranium…in pink and white. Bees seem to be really fond of it. Looks a little ratty…not quite sprawly, but surely unkempt in the garden. But the shape of the blossoms is fantastic for bees of all kinds and they’re all over it. And it looks great in pictures when I can get the focus right. Have a look:

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Bonus 004 – Jumping Spider on a Geranium

If this site is about bees and the occasional bonus pollinator, I’m not sure that this shot belongs. But it’s such a neat shot of a tiny, tiny spider that I thought that I’d use poetic license (it’s my site, my rules, right?) and name it an “honorary inadvertent pollinator” for today. All that hair, too…have to think that there’s some transfer here and there now and then?

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Honeybee on a Geranium Called Rozanne®

Honeybee on Geranium Rozanne®

Love the eyes and face and tongue on this one. The geranium is called Rozanne® – and I’m not sure what I think about that ®. Guess it’s the way of the world. The geranium is fairly aggressive in that it spreads out however and wherever it can. But it blooms like mad – and persistently. The bees love it. Sometimes, when it’s in full bloom, it’s just throbbing with bee life. Humming. A good one for attracting bees.

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