Native Tongue Heading Your Way

I think this is a leafcutter just finishing up on a blanket flower. There were several in this series, but I liked this one (and this crop) best. I especially like the position/shape of her front legs folded like they are. And her face is perfect!

Heading out today to get some Yellowstone in before the festival in Idaho Falls this weekend. Hoping for some good light and some good shots!

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The Blanket Flowers are Back!

This one, I think, from the new garden in the parking strip. Finally! Been waiting a while for that.

Was screwing around in the digital darkroom (in being a “virtual” term here) and came up with the second pic in the gallery today. Odd.

Last day of the Art Festival in Logan, Utah. Looks like a twelve hour day today – from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. Happy Summer Solstice, I guess ;). It’s officially tomorrow (Sunday) at 9:31 p.m., but close enough for maximum daylight today.

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The Blanket Flower Draws Them In

Apparently, that “in” is supposed to be capitalized. Maybe because it’s at the end of the phrase? Some stuff I’ll just never understand. Wonder if the bees mess up capitalization or punctuation when they dance for each other. Odd thought. Typo. Illiteracy. Mistakes made because the education system in the hive is failing them. Wow, what a digression.

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One Whole Year of a Daily Bee!! – Big Bonus Follows…

So a whole year. Have a lot to say, but might not say much right now. Here come a whole bunch more in celebration of the anniversary!

Final tally: 400 bee pictures and 160 bonus pollinators (and quasi-pollinators). 560 total…beauty in each.

Here are the links to the anniversary bees:

001-030 031-060 061-090
091-120 121-150 151-180
181-210 211-240 241-270
271-300 301-330 331-360

And this one today is especially cute. It’s a metallic green sweat bee on what’s fast becoming my favorite flower for pollinators – the blanket flower:

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Going back to the Blanket Flower Well…Again

I have so many neat pics on this flower and have posted quite a few here. But it just keeps giving. Pollen all over her face. Great wings. And you can really see the softness of the flower. Next year will be worse with the blanket flowers in the new parking strip garden. A number of new ones in there. But the bees will be happy…and if they are, that’s something.

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Back to the Well that is Mesa Peach

One thing I know: bees can never, ever have too many blanket flowers. Also, I have carte blanche to buy as many as I’d like next summer as I see them. So there’s that. Who knows where they’ll go? Maybe I’ll cut another garden in the lawn dedicated just to them.

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