Again on the Mesa Peach

Have several new Mesa Peaches blooming now in the new garden in the parking strip. Sadly, no bees on them yet. But the mature one just keeps giving. Love the pollen basket on this one today. Also some new cone flowers in the parking strip. Saw a honeybee on one yesterday, but didn’t have my camera.

And the best laid plans…was going to shoot a lot yesterday but only managed ten or so minutes. Rained overnight and the temp dropped about 25 degrees so I’m not too hopeful about bees for today. Anyway, this is a good one!

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Mesa Peach back at it!

Not tons of action on this one this Summer that I’ve seen – which is surprising. It’s a little random/scattered/ununiform (that’s a terrible unword) because the larkspurs were blocking the light somewhat. So the blanket flower had to get a little trickier and taller. The larkspurs are gone mostly and I hope it kind of settles in again.

The bee is super. Shot yesterday. Great resolution on the eye, pollen on the face, and an archetypal pose for this one. Not sure why, but this particular species likes to raise its abdomen way up. Reminds me of those grand old American boats from the late 60s/early 70s that I saw in demolition derbies as a kid. When they got rear-ended, sometimes the whole back end would fold up at a 45 degree angle. Clearly digressing now, but maybe more than fitting – in that these guys often crash into each others back ends. More of that impoliteness. Too much nonsensical narrative. Here’s the bee:

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Back to the Blanket Flower – Mesa Peach

An absolute favorite of mine. It’s starting to look a little ratty now, but there are also a lot of new buds on it. It will go until late Fall.

In other news, the parking strip is now devoid of grass – and I’ve been told that I have six or seven more of these on order. Hope they get established quickly and will bloom this season.

That’s a sweat bee, btw. Note the lack of pollen bucket.

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Mesa Peach is Back

My favorite blanket flower…so far. It’s a little taller this year than last. Probably because it had to reach through the forest of larkspurs (which has since been thinned). This one is just fantastic for pollinators of all kinds. I’ve seen honeybees (obviously), natives, pollinating flies, dragonflies, damselflies, bumbles, and butterflies on it. Oh, and the occasional spider. Plus it’s just beautiful itself. Great cultivar.

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Bumble on a Gaillardia – (Blanket Flower)

(Gaillardia Mesa™ Peach)

Like going to the well. So many great pictures last summer of this particular bloomer. With hopefully more varieties this summer.

Been very cold and windy these last couple of days. So the camera has stayed in the house. Should warm up by the weekend. Which will be a relief from the high 20s/40s of the last little bit. I really like posting stuff day-of. Think it adds good value to the enterprise.

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