Foxtail Lily Twofer – In Flight!

So far behind this morning. That Ogden festival today (hope to see you there!). So…quick hit from yesterday on the foxtail lily again (doesn’t last long – love to shoot at it while it’s around). One honeybee and another carpenter bee. Good captures. Enjoy!

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Foxtail Lily and Wind

Normally, I get better, more clear shots of bees on the blossoms than I do of the bees in flight. Yesterday, though, it was so windy that the opposite was the case. These lilies were flapping all over the place…and the bees seemed a little frustrated. And they managed to (more or less) hover in a spot despite the wind. So…here’s a little one trying to land. I think it’s a neat shot. And I love the lilies. Like little rockets. And they do fire from the bottom up.

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Three with a Foxtail Lily

The little one in the lower right is tough to see…but three in this one. This lily is really neat. I like the vertical-ness that it provides in a garden. Nice, often contrasting shape. Can’t figure out the bees on this one. Clearly has to do with when it’s throwing pollen, time of day, and temperature…but all that noted, it’s either full of pollinators, or it’s not. And I cannot predict when (or why) yet.

In other news…the first crocus peeked out and blossomed yesterday. So…new bees soon, I’d guess. Hard rain right now, pre-dawn, which we need terribly. Dry summer, dry fall, and dryish winter so far.

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Bumble and Friend on a Foxtail Lily

Use this post to get some perspective on the bee from this tiny one on the foxtail lily from a few days ago.

The smaller one here is a sweat bee. And I think the bumble is a brown-belted. And stay tuned for Monday’s posts. The first anniversary of this site. Whole lotta buzzin’ going on!

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