Leafcutter Face (with tongue) on the Four Nerve Daisy

Rough past couple of days at the Ogden Arts Festival. The heat was…crippling. Think it crested 100 degrees yesterday and west-facing, on asphalt – sapping. I think it’s going to be a little cooler this weekend in Logan. Hoping, anyway.

Here’s a great shot from last week of a leafcutter on a four nerve daisy. Still love that name. So many possiblities going down that path. The leafcutters are always in motion. But this one set up, facing me, for a few seconds as she groomed herself. Great shape.

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On the Four-nerve Daisy – Bam-a-lam!

The little sweat bee was moving from flower to flower trying to get some work done. However…that leafcutter was pretty territorial. Kept knocking into anyone who was trying to work on the daisy (also called bitterweed). Didn’t manage to capture a collision, but here’s one getting ready to happen. Kind of annoying in the moment of bee shooting…but interesting to observe. Bee body missile.

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