In the Pouring Rain

In the spirit (and more) of posting fresh pics when I’m not on the road, you get a weird and notsogood one today. For the past couple of days, it’s been raining like mad. I’m not complaining – we need it. But it really does cramp bee photography.

And other photography, too. Yesterday I went to the west desert thinking it would be cloudy/hazy – so I’d have some good light (and fewer shadows) on the horses. Got there about 3:00p.m. and the place was a wreck. So many roads washed out . Had to back up maybe more than a mile in total because several roads just stopped being roads in sections. And one valley…the one before the valley in which the horses winter…was full of water. Like a lake. Road went straight into it. Was amazing.

Anyway…I grabbed a camera and lens that are supposed to be water resistant and went out in the rain a few minutes ago. Found a bumble trying to sleep on a rain-flattened Russian Sage. Not much light, of course. The focus is pretty good even though it doesn’t look like it. But…part of the reason for this site is to document. So today – today I document a wet bee. Ha!

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