Bonus – First Dragonfly of the Season

Followed this one around the yard for a while hoping it would land and let me get a shot. Kept spooking it – it was really skittish. Finally it landed on the sidewalk – and let me crawl on my belly until I was really, really close. Only cropped about 10pct off the right side on this shot so it prettymuch filled the frame. Trouble is, it’s on the sidewalk. But you really get a good look at the compound eye. And the sidewalk. And the shadow (again). And the very narrow depth-of-focus.

But it is the first dragonfly of the year. And that matters.

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Bonus – Dragonfly at Rest

I like the colors in this one. Looks like the dragonfly and the rock were cut from the same elemental cloth. Or something. The textures are a little weird and it didn’t really entirely reflect what I saw – or, better, the feeling looking at the photo isn’t exactly what I felt when I saw it with my face-camera.

Odd that. Normally, it’s pretty close – the feeling that gets regenerated when I see a shot. Usually quite parallel. Hmmmmmm… Something to ponder.

Probably my fondest wish for the site – that you feel what I do (or at least something similar) when I shoot (and see the shots again).

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Bonus – Dragonfly on a Larkspur

Seems like a heavy dragonfly year – or I’m getting lucky with them. Here’s one on a larkspur. Those have recently started going nuts. Even to the point of occluding that one blanket flower that the bees love so. Might be time to do a little unarranging there. This one sat up nicely for me…and I like the detail on the wings.

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Bonus – Dog Walk Dragonfly

Took the dogs to the river yesterday in the late afternoon. So many, many, many butterflies, bees, and dragonflies. Had the wrong camera with me – but I think it turned out well.

Took the dogs home, swapped cameras, and went back… But was a little late. The butterflies had nestled in for the night and the light had changed. Enjoy this one, though:

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