Great Green Metallic Sweat Bee on a Dandelion

This is a full-frame shot…meaning that I did not crop it at all. I generally crop the picture some for the sake of getting closer – or the sake of composition. But I liked the way the whole thing looked on this one. Was down on my belly in the grass right on top of the thing. I know that dandelions in lawns get a bad rap, but the bees sure love them. And there’s something to be said for that.

Love the eye on this one. And you get a good look at two of the three eyes along the top of her head, too.

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Belly-down, in the Grass, at the Dandelion

There are probably more than 100 iris varieties in bloom. Lots of tulips and other bulbs. Annuals are starting. Bushes, trees, shrubs… But the bees are in the dandelions. This one from a neighbor’s yard. Thankfully, I have neighbors who are both tolerant and understanding. I do think the pollen on the backs of these are from the irises…but I could be wrong. This one spent a long time grooming after this shot.

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How About on a Dandelion?

Here’s a little native sweat bee on a dandelion. I know they’re the bane of many – especially in the lawn. But…the bees sure love them. I kinda like them, too. And I’m so lousy about putting down the weed’n’feed. Maybe feeding the bees is a good excuse. And, really, lawn crocuses and lawn tulips and lawn donkeys are pretty neat, too. What’s a lawn donkey, you ask? I’m not sure. Some flower that grows in this particular lawn…kinda has the shape of a donkey’s head. Will look for one with a bee later on in the year. Provided I procrastinate on the fertilizing/weed control. Again.

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Pollen-faced Honeybee on a Dandelion

With the Grape Hyacinth fading, seems the dandelion is the flower of choice right now (as far as I can tell). And I really do need to mow today. There are still some in an ornamental cherry, but it’s been so windy…

I’ve not seen very many natives so far this year. A couple of bumbles, leafcutters, and masons – but not many. But looking at pics from previous years, I tend to get more of those shots later in the summer and especially the fall. Not sure why that is. Hope that becomes true again this year. Might have to dig into last year’s stash for some variety. But it’s nice to post fresh stuff – this pic was shot on the 26th of this month.

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Bonus! – National Dandelion Day

I have no idea what that means, but apparently they do here.

Almost dropped the ball. But…crisis averted. Let’s celebrate.

(Really, the bees do love these things. And they’ve apparently got lots of health benefits for humans. So…if you can manage not to spray them, the bees will thank you and you can use the flowers, roots, leaves, etc., for whatever it is you can figure out. Wine?)

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