Pollen-faced Honeybee on a Dandelion

With the Grape Hyacinth fading, seems the dandelion is the flower of choice right now (as far as I can tell). And I really do need to mow today. There are still some in an ornamental cherry, but it’s been so windy…

I’ve not seen very many natives so far this year. A couple of bumbles, leafcutters, and masons – but not many. But looking at pics from previous years, I tend to get more of those shots later in the summer and especially the fall. Not sure why that is. Hope that becomes true again this year. Might have to dig into last year’s stash for some variety. But it’s nice to post fresh stuff – this pic was shot on the 26th of this month.

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Bonus! – National Dandelion Day

I have no idea what that means, but apparently they do here.

Almost dropped the ball. But…crisis averted. Let’s celebrate.

(Really, the bees do love these things. And they’ve apparently got lots of health benefits for humans. So…if you can manage not to spray them, the bees will thank you and you can use the flowers, roots, leaves, etc., for whatever it is you can figure out. Wine?)

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