Quick Hit – In the Neighbor’s Crocuses

No time to say much. I’m about three hours behind and need to get on the road. This is from my neighbor Jackie’s garden. She just celebrated her 90th a few days ago and is a great friend. I value her.

Posting today in advance of attending the Arts Festival in St. George, Utah. It’s on Friday and Saturday of this week. Really hope to see and meet some of you there! I’ve got a bunch of neat stuff including the bees that you’re familiar with as well as some wild mustangs, wildlife from a trip to Yellowstone, and a bunch of remarkable birds that I photographed this winter. Stop by if you can.

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Finally, a Shot of That Black Sweat Bee

Been trying for a while to get good light on this particular bee. So tough to get any definition on this one, but seems it worked yesterday. Was a bit warmer. Today should be even better if I can manage some time to get out. Very few crocuses left but so many other things are starting to bloom now. The pollen in this shot is great.

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Snow today…

So the bees have been back for a couple of days. Like mad yesterday. Snowed overnight and there are a couple of inches still on the ground. They’re probably pining for the almond orchards of California…and wondering what in the world is going on.

So…here’s one on a crocus from last week. Think that other plant is some sort of sedum. The snow won’t be around long and they’ll be back at it soon. Can’t wait to meet the new crew.

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Two Crocuses – and a Bee

Not so much of a bee close-up today. But sometimes you’ve gotta take time to see the flowers. Maybe that’s not quite how it goes, but… The crocuses have started to fade. Lots of other things starting, though. I’d hoped for some neat squill shots yesterday, but it was a little cold and cloudy – at least while I had a sliver of a second to shoot. Maybe today will be more about squills.

Spent some time on the west desert yesterday with a wild mustang herd. Met a couple of new foals. Super cute little critters for sure. Spring delights me.

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Another Sweat Bee – Another Crocus

I think this one is a different sub-species from the one I posted yesterday. Lots less golden. I’ve been finding black ones that seem pretty common this time of year, but I’ve not gotten a shot that I like. It’s really tough to shoot black things (dogs, cats, etc.) on lighter backgrounds because of how light works with the camera. Simply put, if the dark thing is lit right, the background is washed out and bright to distraction. If the background is lit right, the dark thing looks (effectively) like a sihlouette. There are ways to compensate, but nothing particularly solid. Just lots more difficult to hit right. I’ll catch one (using my top technique – luck) one of these days. Btw, shot this one a few minutes ago.

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Super-cute Face Doing Work in the Crocus

Filthy. Pollen everywhere. What a beautiful spring day. Such a beautiful day that Spring should be capitalized. But it’s not. Anyway…crocuses, daffys, anemonies, squill, reticulated irises all out and rioting in the afternoon sun. Tulips soon. Only took about five minutes to shoot. Need a longer session tomorrow a bit earlier in the day. The time change always throws me and sets me behinder than I normally am. So today’s bee…a bit late. Tell me she wasn’t worth the wait…

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More Purple

From the other day in the crocuses. Been really, really cold – compared to what it was. Looks like it’s going to warm up again starting today, though. Mostly crocuses in bloom, but some really neat, tiny reticulated irises have made an appearance. Never have seen a bee on those, but I’ll keep looking. Such pretty little things and they seem to be pretty cold hardy.

Went to the west desert yesterday in search of wild horses. Spent about seven hours on the trip and only saw one way off in the distance. But it was really rewarding. Incredible light with clouds and sunset. Drove lots of miles on roads that were new to me. Oddly, I wasn’t all that disappointed in not having shot horses. There was something valuable being in the beauty and the solitude. Next time, maybe. That’s one thing about going out to shoot – you never know what you’re going to get. Truly gambling. But…unlike losing money, there’s always a neat reward somewhere in the mix if you’ll look for it. If you’ll allow it to reveal itself.

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