Back to Spring – The Crocuses

Haven’t shot for a few days. Managed to get stung right on my temple yesterday (was about fifteen feet from a hive when a frame got shaken off and someone got mad) and that kind of wrecked the afternoon. Think I’m a little allergic – left eye swollen nearly shut. So today’s bee comes from March of this year.

I like the clarity of her eye and the pollen on it. Didn’t find a crop that I liked so this one will do for now. Maybe I’ll fiddle a bit and replace it with something that sits/fits better (if I get to it). Normally the crops are pretty intuitive for me, but this one seems off.

Maybe this is a little better. Which one do you like best?

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In-flight and Crocus

From last week. Have a number of nice shots from the few warm days I’ll be posting here and there. Woke up to snow this morning, though. Spring in the Rockies, I guess. She does have wings but they’re blurry – you can barely see them, but they’re there. She’s part-way loaded up, going in for more.

That one is nearly full-frame so it blows up nicely into a very large print. That’s one of the downsides of this medium – posting only small pics. But that’s the nature of a blog – and the internet in general.

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Another Honeybee on another Crocus

The perils of the bees’ return

Seemed to be stuck on bumbles for a bit. Now it’s crocuses. Guess that’s because that’s what’s blooming. Shot this one on Feb. 28th. Love the spot of pollen on her eye.

Tulips started opening today. If they’re anything like last year’s early ones, it will be a few days and then they’ll be ready for the bees. Hoping to catch one just bathing in pollen…or find a shot from last year.

Ours should be back within a week or two.

Stormy with an occasional earthquake here today. No shooting. Hoping for better weather tomorrow.

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Another Spring Day…

Honeybee on a Crocus

…another honeybee on a crocus. Lots of other things starting, too. Daffs…but they’re not all that great for bee shots. Tulips will be along soon. It’s truly starting – finally again.

Oh, the squills are neat. I’ll try to get a deep purple/nearly navy blue pollen bucket if I can soon. Don’t know how they get so full with such tiny flowers.

Anyway, this is supposed to be about crocuses (rivers of crocuses here), and I’m wandering off. Think it’s late.

Enjoy this one. Love the pollen on her.

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Neat Shot of a Native (if you like purple…)

On a Crocus

This one held still for a while for me – more or less – almost posing. This was my favorite of all different shots. The light was pretty low which meant I had to open the lens pretty wide…thus decreasing the depth of focus. I think that adds to the effect.

Oh, I should say that I shot this yesterday afternoon. So good to have all of the little ones back. And our (foster) hives will be showing up again in two or three weeks. Cannot wait.

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Another Crocus Day

Honeybee in the Crocuses

It’s supposed to start storming here tomorrow. But today…today the girls were out again in the crocuses. I love this time of year. Not much more to say other than that I’m thrilled to see the cycle starting anew…again.

Well, and that I feel bad not getting in closer to the pollen-eyed little one. But the crocuses…they deserve some love, too.

In other news – second month of starting today. Mini-milestone.

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The Girls are Back!!!!

First bee of spring – with pollen on her eye – on a Crocus tommasinianus ‘Roseus’

Finally!! I took our traveling bus down to the garage to get it worked on, and a friend from there drove me back to the house. As we pulled into the driveway, I saw (on a south-facing slope) several honeybees at work in the newly-blooming crocuses. The conversation stopped abruptly and I got out of the car and sprinted to the house for my camera. Don’t know if I even thanked him for the ride home.

Got some reasonable shots, but the joy… Spring is coming. Bees are back at work. Things are good!

For the record, that crocus is a Crocus tommasinianus ‘Roseus’

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